Can You Move a Gas or Wood Fireplace? Yes, but…

  • Wood fireplaces are more difficult to move than gas fireplaces
  • The biggest obstacles in moving a wood fireplace are the ash pit, the chimney, and the hearth
  • The cost of deconstructing and rebuilding a fireplace with a chimney ranges from $2,500 to $7,500
  • Gas fireplaces are pretty easy to move. You’ll only need some extra vent pipes and some carpentry skills to relocate them.

As many homeowners know, moving a wood-burning or gas fireplace is not an easy task. There are a number of obstacles that need to be considered before even beginning the process, such as the location of the chimney and ash pit.

My wife and I had recently moved into our New England home and were excited to make it our own. One of the first projects we decided on was moving my wood-burning fireplace from my living room to my bedroom. We knew it would be a difficult task, but we were up for the challenge.

The first step was locating a contractor who could help us with the move. We interviewed several different contractors and finally settled on one who seemed knowledgeable and experienced. He assured us that he could move the fireplace without any problems.

The next step was deciding on a date for the move. We wanted to make sure that we had plenty of time to get everything done properly.

Finally, the day arrived and the contractor and his team came over to our house ready to work. It was a long, arduous process, but they finally managed to get the fireplace moved into my bedroom without any major problems. The best part was that everything went smoothly and there was no damage done to our house or property.

While it was definitely a challenging project, moving my wood-burning fireplace turned out to be well worth it in the end. Not only did it add some much-needed character to my bedroom, but it also increased the value of our home.

Altering your house’s layout can generate a sense of homeliness in you, making it feel like it is truly yours. To entirely transform the atmosphere, you can opt to add a patio, a new bedroom, a dining room, a deck, or a breakfast nook, to come up with a house as beautiful as you can imagine, provided you get the right contractor.

What happens if you wish to move your fireplace? Can gas or wood fireplaces be moved? Is this a feasible feat, or are you painting on water? How much would you spend to move your fireplace to your new or refurbished dining room?

Moving a fireplace is possible, though there are types of fireplaces that are more difficult to move than others. Some fireplaces are not aesthetically pleasing or functional.

These are some of the main reasons why homeowners wonder I they can move the fireplace. Positioning a fireplace well can increase your property’s value.

Provided you get the right place to put it and conform to the zoning laws in your city. Moving your fireplace into your dining room, bedroom, or even the guest room is possible. Usually, the price of conducting such a task will range between $3,000 and $9,000.

Is it possible to move a gas fireplace?

The working of a gas fireplace is through the opening of a gas valve, then igniting the gas for a flame to come about. Some light themselves, and others need an external ignition source, such as a lighter or a log lighter. It does not require wood to stay burning; the only prerequisite is a steady gas flow.

Gas fireplaces need a gas line to operate, leading many to believe that moving might be expensive and difficult. However, specialists and experienced contractors say that moving it is way easier than moving a wood fireplace. Some factors contributing to its being easier are not requiring a compartment under the hearth that scoops the ashes of burnt wood and the lack of a chimney. The contractor will also have it easier to place your fireplace in its new position.

Is it possible to move a wood fireplace?

Many might think that since wood fireplaces are the most common, they are the easiest to move. This might follow from the thought that it has no gas line under the living room, and the only parts that will be being moved are the chimney and the ash pit.

Contrary to that, fireplaces create a hell on earth during movement for contractors; the biggest stumbling blocks are the ash pit, the chimney, and the hearth.

Also, wood fireplaces are of two types, factory-made ones and those that are site-built.

Site-built wood fireplaces

These are made by hand on the determined spot. They can be built during the home’s construction or at another time. These types of fireplaces are usually made of materials of higher quality. Handmade wood fireplaces are more difficult to disassemble and move.

Prefabricated or factory-made fireplaces

These are made with a few material types, including brick, steel, cast iron, or aluminum, which means the contractor will not have so much trouble removing the fireplace and moving it. It is even possible for him to keep it completely intact. And because the chimney and the hearth are in two separate parts, their assembling is easier.

Obstacles in moving wood fireplaces

Contractors face these obstacles when moving both types:

  • Vent or chimney placement due to the large amount of smoke they generate. The smoke cannot be allowed to smoke out everything and everyone inside the house, and it cannot be placed above a tree to avoid the embers causing a fire.
  • Locating the ash compartment to collect the thick ash layer left after burning.
  • Requirement of an ashpit from where the person operating it can scoop out the ash. On average, the cost of deconstructing and rebuilding a fireplace with a chimney ranges from $2,500 to $7,500.
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