How to Add a Blower to a Gas Fireplace

  • Blowers improve heat circulation in rooms.
  • Some gas fireplaces models come with preinstalled blowers.
  • You can hire a professional or technician to install a blower.

Blowers in a gas fireplace play a crucial role in pushing heated air from the fireplace. Gas fireplace blowers increase the efficiency of the fireplace. To help you add a blower to a gas fireplace, we have compiled an easy to follow guide.

How to Add a Blower to a Gas Fireplace

Read the article till the end to learn how to install blower on a fireplace.

Step 1: Open the Fireplace Insert

Open the Fireplace Insert

You will be installing the blower in the fireplace insert. Therefore, the first step is opening it. You need to locate the knock out plate on the bottom section of the fireplace insert. Start by removing the screws on the fireplace insert.

It’s advisable to use a small WD40 to loosen the screws. After unscrewing the fireplace insert, spray the screws. Before trying again, make sure that all the material is fully absorbed.

Make sure that you place the screws in an easy to access location where you can find them when needed. Don’t forget to disconnect the power specifically where you will be installing the blower.

This should be done at the fuse box.

Step 2: Remove the Old Blower Motor

Remove the Old Blower Motor

If your fireplace has an old and faulty blower motor, you should consider removing it. The best way is to set several newspapers on the ground. This will give you an easy time setting the motor down.

Remove the blower from its power source. The mounting bracket should also be unscrewed. After disconnecting the motor from the blower space, it’s time to remove the electrical wiring.

Does your gas fireplace have an already installed blower? If it does not have this feature, you must prepare the blower for electrical wiring.

From the fireplace junction control box, thread the VAC service wire. Secure all the wires to the blower clamp.

Step 3: Vacuum the Space

Use a shop vac to vacuum the space. A wire brush will help you loosen any dust or dirt. Check whether there is any debris left on the corners of the space. It is always advisable to vacuum and clean the area thoroughly.

Step 4: Purchase a Replacement Motor

Purchase a Replacement Motor

Now that you have removed the blower motor, you should check the number of the motor. Purchase a quality replacement motor, preferably of the same model. The replacement motor must be compatible with the previous motor.

What if you are not replacing a blower motor? If that is the case, you need to purchase a high quality blower with maximum effectiveness. It should provide efficient heat to the room you are heating.

Many homeowners prefer talking to technicians and professionals. You can also look for a technician to help you determine the best motor for your space. With this, you will be guaranteed that your project will be successful.

Step 5: Connect the New Motor to Electrical Wiring

It’s time to wire the wiring from the motor you just removed. A black wire should be connected to the black wire, while a white one should be connected to a white wire. On the other hand, the ground wire should be connected to the junction box ground.

Step 6: Set the Blower Correctly

The blower must be set correctly if you want it to work well. Pull it at least ¼ inches from the back. Place the motor exactly in the blower space. To hold the blower motor tightly, you can use support brackets.

Support brackets have been praised for holding blowers, increasing their durability. In addition, the brackets prevent any vibration.

Should You Install a Blower on a Gas Fireplace?

Should You Install a Blower on a Gas Fireplace?

It’s not a must to install a blower on a gas fireplace. For a long time, gas fireplaces have been used without the blower feature. The only thing that you must ensure is that your fireplace is vented well.

Remember that a blower in a gas fireplace is just an external unit. You will never come across gas fireplace models with in-built blowers. Therefore, gas fireplaces can efficiently work without the blower feature.

How can You Get Extra Heat from a Gas Fireplace?

To get maximum heat from your gas fireplace, you should set the thermostat to the maximum value. Ensure that the fireplace damper is properly sealed.

This is essential in preventing the warm air from escaping. If installed correctly, the blower will easily spread warm air throughout the room.

Is it Possible to Put a Fan In Front of a Gas Fireplace?

Is it Possible to Put a Fan In Front of a Gas Fireplace?

Homeowners are not recommended to install a fan on top of a gas fireplace. If you must install the fan on your fireplace, you should install a buffer. It’s worth noting that most fans come with energy efficient speed settings.

It would be better to save the highest speed for a hot day. Keep in mind that your fan does not have to be high to be efficient.

How Much Does a Blower Cost?

It will cost you approximately $400 to install a gas fireplace blower. However, the cost varies with the professional fireplace service company.

Before deciding on the best professional to install your fireplace blower, you should consider the contract terms and the overall cost.

Do All Fireplace Inserts Have Blowers?

Nowadays, most fireplace inserts are designed with blowers. The primary role of the blowers is to increase the fireplace efficiency. Some inserts boast of a unique blower that can push air back into the room.

Can You Add a Blower to Your Heat litor Fireplace?

You can install a blower on every gas fireplace model.

Final Thoughts

Vent free and vented gas fireplaces will benefit from blower installation. Homeowners should check the gas fireplace manual to know if a blower has been installed. Listen as the fireplace runs if you are unsure whether it has a preinstalled blower.

You will hear a humming sound coming from the backside of the gas fireplace. All in all, blowers are used in gas fireplaces to improve heat circulation in a room.


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