The 17+ Best Fireplace Accessories and Tools [Essentials]

Whether you’re installing a fireplace from scratch, or adding a fireplace to an existing home, it’s important to have the tools and accessories that will make your fireplace look and work its best.

Who doesn’t like sitting next to a fireplace with a blanket and an interesting book? It’s one of the best experiences one may ever have in the home.

List of essential fireplace accessories & tools

  1. A log lighter
  2. Fireplace tong
  3. Matches
  4. Fire poker
  5. Fireplace shovel
  6. Fireplace bellows
  7. Kindling splitter
  8. Ash bucket
  9. Fireplace gloves
  10. A log holder
  11. Fire starter tools
  12. Emergency fire blanket
  13. Fireplace spark screen
  14. Fireplace grates
  15. Chimney brushes
  16. Fireplace blower kits
  17. Fireplace hearth rug
  18. A log lighter
  19. A chimney cap
  20. A fireproof bag

This beautiful experience may turn into a nightmare if you haven’t purchased the right fireplace tools or have the proper accessories on hand. Fortunately, we’ve found some of the best fireplace accessories that may ensure your safety while you’re enjoying some beautiful moments.

Some of these accessories are going to help you with keeping your fireplace clean and well-organized. Whether you have an electric fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace, these accessories will provide you with peace of mind throughout the winter season.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about essential fireplace equipment that can keep your fireplace safe throughout the winter season.

Start by Choosing the Right Fireplace Tool Sets

The fireplace toolset is the most essential fireplace accessory that helps with keeping your fireplace well organized. These toolsets usually consist of a shovel, an ash brush, a fireplace poker stick, and a pair of tongs. We suggest looking for a toolset made of stainless steel as it’s strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Thus, it lasts longer than any other material out there.

Long Reach Lighter

long reach lighter

Setting up a fire in the fireplace can be quite a challenging task. You can’t underestimate the risk of burning your hands while you’re using a standard matchstick to set up a fire. On the contrary, a long-reach lighter enables you to ignite the fire from a comfortable distance while ensuring your safety.


What would you do if the lighter stopped working instantly? Would you spend your evening shivering in the cold? Well, this is where you can use matches to lit fire. But you should avoid using it regularly as it can be harmful.

Bucket to Store and Transport Ash

ash bucket

A vast majority of people usually forget to buy an ash bucket because they don’t understand how important it is for keeping things organized. Your fireplace starts looking messy if you don’t clean the ash on time.

You can’t ruin your comfort disposing of the trash because it’s too cold outside. In this situation, you can safely store the ash in the fireplace bucket. And you can dump it whenever you feel comfortable.

Log Basket

If you want to enjoy the warmth from your fireplace all year round, log baskets are perfect for this purpose. They allow you to store firewood safely and stylishly near your hearth.

Log lighter

Log lighters are useful because they allow you to start a fire without having to use a match or lighter fluid. They can also be used as an alternative to a fireplace starter kit.

Fireplace Gloves

The heat and flames can still burn your hands even if you have a perfect fireplace toolset. You can simply hang these fireplace gloves alongside the fireplace screens and use them whenever needed. You can even use the fireplace gloves for BBQ and other activities that involve fire.

Hearth Rug

We strongly recommend using a hearth rug to protect your carpet and floor from flames and ashes. The hearth rugs are now available in some unique and modern designs. So, they can add an extra touch of beauty to your home.

Fire Starter Pre-Split Kindling


You don’t want to spend hours setting up the fire, do you? Fire Starter Pre-split kindling sticks can save you a lot of time allowing you to start the fire within no time.

The best part is that the fire starter pre-split kindling sticks eliminate the need of using newspapers and chemicals to start the fire.

Only two sticks are enough for starting the fire instantly. You can easily get these sticks from a nearby store or online.

Log Racks

The log racks are now available in some delicate designs so they look fantastic in your home.

It’s an attractive log storage solution you can use to keep the logs organized. With the ability to hold a healthy amount of firewood, these log racks can also improve the overall look of your living room or outdoor space. The log racks are available in different sizes. So, you can easily find one that fits in your home.

Fireplace Door

Fireplace doors are mandatory especially if you have kids or pets at home because the flames can easily attract them. As a result, they may get injured. Having a fireplace door installed at your fireplace provides you with peace of mind even if you aren’t around. Moreover, the fireplace doors can reduce heating costs while adding more beauty to your living room.

Fireplace Vaccum to Remove Ash

You can’t use your regular vacuum to remove ash from the hearth or firepit as it may cause more damage rather than saving you money. A regular vacuum cannot stand heath and its motor may easily burn out if you use it to remove ash.

Similarly, the ash may affect the motor’s performance even if it’s cold because a regular vacuum filter cannot stop the ash from entering the motor compartment. So, it’s highly recommended that you use a fireplace vacuum to avoid these problems.

Fireback to Increase Heat

Fireback is basically a set of iron plates that can moderately increase the efficiency of the fireplace. Thus, you’d feel more warm and cozy while sitting next to the fireplace. Most importantly, it helps with reducing heating costs in the long run.

Carrier to Haul Logs

The logs can sometimes be very heavy. And one or two logs won’t be enough for enjoying a warm and cozy evening. So, you’d be carrying a bunch of logs from your garage to your living room. It’s wise enough to get a log holder to haul logs as it saves you time while reducing the risk of injuries.

Decorative Installable Mantles

decorative fireplace mantel

Nowadays, the fireplaces are already equipped with a mantle. But if your fireplace doesn’t have one, you should consider buying a pair as it can add more beauty to your fireplace.

Wood Moisture Reader

Make sure that you check the wood moisture level of logs before setting up the fire because the logs start producing more smoke when the moisture level is too high. Fortunately, you can now get wood moisture readers from the stores.

These gadgets provide an accurate estimate of wood moisture levels when you use them properly

A Fireplace Reflector

An easy way to reflect heat into your living space is to place a flat sheet of stainless steel between your fireplace and the back wall of the fireplace.

Decorative Andirons

decorative andirons

Don’t you want to make your fireplace look unique and different from others? Even if you don’t entertain a number of guests during winter, you’d get a different level of satisfaction when you use Decorative Andirons along with a fireplace. Y

ou can easily find Decorative Andirons that are suitable to your fireplace’s design. And they’re affordable as well. So, you must give it a try if you want to make your fireplace look different.

Emergency Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are an essential fire safety tool that can be used to smother small fires. They are usually made of fire-resistant materials like fiberglass or Kevlar, and are typically square or rectangular in shape. Fire blankets can be stored in an easy-to-access location near potential fire hazards, and should be part of any comprehensive fire safety plan.

Fireplace Safety Gate

As we’ve mentioned that glass doors can ensure the safety of your kids and pets. But they can still get their hands burnt if they touch the glass door.

Some homeowners use three-panel screens to add more protection. But we believe a Fireplace safety gate is a better option as it keeps your kids and pets away from the fireplace.

The fireplace safety gate also adds a decorative flair to the fireplace. So, it’s a useful addition to your fireplace setup.

Firepit Spark Screen

Best Fire Pit Spark Screen

A firepit spark screen helps add some fire-safety precautions to your firepit!


We really enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace during the winter season. But there are a number of accessories that can improve the efficiency of your fireplace. We’ve shared information about a number of fireplace tools that will make your fireplace look more attractive while improving its efficiency. Hopefully, you’d get to enjoy an amazing winter season this year. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need more information about these accessories.

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