The 5 Best Fireproof Fireplace Gloves For 2023 [Ranked]

I love my pair of fireplace gloves because they keep me warm when I’m outside tending my fire pit, as well as protecting my hands when I’m using my fire poker indoors.

Many people use a pair of welding gloves with high cuffs for added protection from spitting sparks- whether they’re rearranging coals or just BBQ-ing in the backyard.

My favorite pair:

While a fire poker can help effectively manage the fire, sometimes you want to be able to reach in and rearrange things with a bit more dexterity.

Especially when you’re putting on that big overnight log, arranging it requires some strategic maneuvering that is much easier if you can use your hands.

These are my five favorite fireproof fireplace gloves:

The 5 Best Fireplace Gloves

#1. The RAPICCA Fireplace Leather Gloves

The Rapicca glove is one of our favorites. It is made of leather, making it very resistant to high temperatures. They are fully lined with cotton, so your hands won’t sweat that much when put in contact with the fire.

They have a 16″ sleeve, so they’re perfect if you want to work with a fireplace, but also perfect for BBQs, camping, and stoves.

Rapicca Leather Grilling Gloves

These gloves are also very versatile since you can use them for other purposes than just starting a fire. They are ideal for ovens, grills, barbecues, or even stoves!

They can also be used for welding, so if you’re a professional in this department, they might be the perfect gloves for you! They come with extra-long blue sleeves, which are flame retardant, so you can even use them for tig welding.

That way, they can protect your hands and forearms- a truly useful fireplace tool.


  • Kevlar padding reinforced double layer
  • Four-layer heat resistant
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Long sleeves
  • Wear-resistant


  • Stitching does not last long.

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#2. The WZQH Leather Firepit Gloves

The second-best fireplace gloves are the WZQH ones. They come in a perfect size and are incredibly resistant to high temperatures.

They were rated up to 932℉, so even if you hold something scorching, they will resist. The sleeves measure 16 inches in length, so they can be used for different purposes than just starting a fire.

They are made of leather, so they are very comfortable to wear and provide firm grips. The palms also come with Kevlar lining, protecting them from high temperatures. Moreover, the gloves are double layered on the hands and thumb for extra protection.


  • Heat and wear-resistant protection
  • Durable leather construction
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Provide good grip
  • Extra-long sleeves
  • Perfect gift


  • It can get hot during welding.

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#3. The OZERO Heat Resistant Leather Fire Proof Gloves

The third best fireplace gloves are the OZEROs. The manufacturer clearly states that they were tested up to 932°F resistance so that you can click your fingers without a problem using them.

They have a 14-inch flexible sleeve, and they’re made of 100% premium cowhide leather for extended life. Therefore, they’ll last very long, even in very high temperatures.

OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves

The gloves come with an insulated lining, making them a hundred percent safe to use for barbecue purposes or any other applications involving fire.

They have a high-quality anti-slip design, so you won’t drop anything while wearing these gloves. In addition, they can be used for welding or building campfires without any problems!


  • Durable stitching construction
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • High heat resistance
  • High-quality leather
  • Extra-long sleeves
  • Fit most people


  • It comes with a funky smell.

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#4. The KIM YUAN Leather Fire Mitts

KIM YUAN’s gloves are the fourth-best fireplace gloves. They’re made of 100% cowhide leather, and you can use them for a wide array of applications.

You can pick things up from very high temperatures, without any problem! These gloves also come with Kevlar stitching, so they won’t tear apart even if you use them for different purposes.

The Kevlar stitching makes the gloves more durable, so they will last for a long time regardless of what you use them for. They have an adjustable strap on the wrist, so nobody is excluded from enjoying these excellent gloves.

Make sure you get yourself a fireproof hearth rug to protect from fireplace sparks!


  • Comfortable with Kevlar
  • High heat resistance
  • Extra-long sleeves
  • Durable stitching
  • Fit most people


  • Not very thick

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#5. The ZaoProteks Fire Retardant Gloves

Last but not least, the ZaoProteks are our fifth-ranked favorite. They come with an extra-long sleeve which is flame-retardant, and they can therefore be used for tig welding.

This makes them suitable even for professional purposes, so if you need a reliable pair of gloves that will protect your skin from high temperatures, go for these.

They also come with a double knitted fabric which has excellent resistance to high temperatures. So if you need something that will protect your palms and the whole hand from the fire, these gloves are definitely worth their price!

They can also be used for other purposes such as welding or cooking with charcoal. The fabric is also very breathable so that you won’t have any problems wearing them for long periods!


  • Durable fabric construction
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High heat resistance
  • Extra-long sleeves
  • Fits most hands


  • Some people don’t like the color.

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Buying Guide

fireplace glovesAn essential fireplace accessory, like these ash buckets, before buying fireplace gloves, there are some things you should consider. If you’re looking for the best fireplace gloves on the market, four critical factors will help you with this task.

#1. Sleeve length

The best fireplace gloves have a long enough sleeve for safe usage. When picking up hot items, you should be able to use your entire hand without any problems.

Some manufacturers don’t offer complete arm protection, which is a drawback of gloves. If you can’t use all your fingers or even your whole hand because of the short sleeve, you won’t be able to use the fireplace gloves for picking things up.

#2. Material

The material is also significant for fireplace gloves because they should be resistant to fire and high temperatures. They should also protect your hands well and not damage even after extensive usage. Leather is an excellent choice because it has all the properties mentioned above, but other materials can do a great job as well.

#3. Stitching

This is also fundamental because you don’t want your gloves to tear apart even after extensive usage. When buying fireplace gloves, check how they are stitched together because this will determine the durability of these gloves.

#4. Heat resistance

Heat resistance

Even if you find a pair of fireplace gloves with a long sleeve and high heat-resistance material, it won’t be beneficial if they can’t protect your hands from fire.

So make sure they have an excellent resistance when in contact with high temperatures because this will prolong their lifespan, which means you won’t have to buy new gloves after a while.

#5. Price

The last thing you should consider is the price. Price doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Still, some models come with additional features such as Kevlar stitching or other particular technologies that make them more comfortable and durable.

If you don’t want to sacrifice quality and your fireplace gloves must be resistant to high temperatures and long-lasting, you should go for a higher-priced model.

#6. Customer reviews

Last but not least, you should always read the reviews when buying anything online. These are unbiased opinions that will help you understand whether these gloves are worth your attention or not. Even if some of them are subjective, some can provide invaluable insight into whether a particular product is good or not.

Taking all these factors into consideration is essential when shopping for fireplace gloves because not all offer the same features. Pick the best fireplace gloves by checking out our list, and make sure your hands are protected!

Additional Information (FAQs)

Start your fire correctly

What are fireplace gloves used for?

Fireplace gloves protect your hands from heat and open flames when working near the fireplace. They can also be used for other purposes such as welding or cooking with charcoal.

How long should the sleeves of high-quality fireplace gloves be?

The best fireplace gloves have a sleeve that covers most of your arm. The length is usually between 15 and 18 inches.

How long should the fireplace glove heat-resistant material be?

The best fireplace gloves have heat-resistant material that covers most of your arm. This ensures safety during high temperatures because you can grab hot items without any problems.

What materials are used to make the best fireplace gloves?

Fireplace Components

The best fireplace gloves are made of leather or Kevlar materials. These are both resistant to high temperatures, and they can protect your hands from heat. You should also check for other features such as reinforced stitching to ensure that these gloves last long without tearing apart even after extensive use.

What are some features of the best fireplace gloves?

The best fireplace gloves have long sleeves which cover most of your arms, extra stitching or heat-resistant material, and high resistance when in contact with fire or high temperatures. You can also choose between leather options or Kevlar ones, depending on how much you are willing to spend on fireplace gloves.

What size of fireplace gloves should I buy?

It depends on the manufacturer’s sizing chart for each particular pair of fireplace gloves. Some come with adjustable straps, which can be tightened or loosened depending on the size of your hands. Make sure to check the sizing chart before placing an order to avoid wasting money on gloves that don’t fit you well.

What are some helpful facts about fireplace gloves?

There are many different types of fireplace gloves, including mitts, full-length gloves, and fingerless gloves. It all comes down to your preferences when shopping for fireplace gloves. It would be best to keep in mind that the best fireplace gloves are resistant to high temperatures, have long sleeves that cover most of your arms, don’t cost much money, and are made of durable materials.

What makes fireplace gloves a must-have?

Fireplace gloves are a must-have if you want to protect your hands from high temperatures and open flames. They can also last for a long time because they are made of quality materials, protecting your investment in them.

This is why it’s essential to buy the best fireplace gloves that come with a warranty and have good reviews from previous users.

What are some alternatives to fireplace gloves?

Alternative to fireplace gloves includes welding masks, welding jackets, and welder gloves. These products can keep your hands protected from high temperatures as well, but they don’t cover your arms, so you might find them uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Does the material of fireplace gloves matter?

The best fireplace gloves are made of leather or Kevlar materials. These materials can protect your hands from high temperatures and give them enough durability, so they don’t break after extensive use.


Imagine this situation… It’s getting cold, you have guests over, and the only thing in your mind is to have a lovely evening with everyone. You’ve prepared everything, but what about the fire?

Starting a fire can be hard sometimes, especially if you don’t do it regularly. There are many ways to start a fire, but the most known one is to use fireplace gloves that people who work as firefighters wear. But, how good are they in reality? We tested some popular fireplace gloves to find out.

Fireplace gloves are a great option if you want to protect your hands from high temperatures and open flames. They can be made of leather or Kevlar materials, making them resistant to heat, and they don’t cost much money. You should only invest in the best fireplace gloves that have been tested for quality and safety by previous users.

I use them to tend to my fire and I love them!

I never go near my fireplace without my gloves. They protect my hands from the heat and the flames, and make it easier to grab logs and stoke the fire. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a fireplace!


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