Cleaning Candle Soot Off Walls [3+ Easy Ways]

  • According to some Reddit candle-cleaning experts, they recommend getting a soot sponge and try that before anything else.
  • It’s important to note- if you employ any sort of cleaning fluid first, the soot sponge won’t work
  • If that doesn’t work, the next steps will depend on the paint finish- generally rubbing alcohol on a paper towel is effective
  • Trisodium Phosphate can likewise help but it’s kind of harsh, so test on a hidden area before trying on your walls
  • Failing all that, many times, you won’t be able to remove every single trace of the candle soot, and you’ll be forced to prime and repaint
  • In terms of prevention, this Reddit thread outlines a bunch- including trimming the wick before using and using a wick dipper to extinguish the flames without any smoke
  • There are other measures such as using high-quality candles and reducing draft to keep the soot off of the walls.

People like to burn their candles and it is nice to watch them burn. Others use candles to get rid of unpleasant scents in the home. There is a downfall to using candles especially taller candles in the home.

The candles can leave black soot on the walls. This soot can be hard to clean and may leave stains behind. There are some tips to help a person enjoy their candle while they remove the soot from the walls.

Where does soot come from?

When the candle is burning the heat from this flame will melt the wax. It will move along the wick. The wax will become vaporized as the candle continues to burn.

At this time a chemical reaction is also happening. Hydrogen and carbon are released, and they are reacting with the oxygen that is in the area. The flame will also burn in different colors due to the heat.

The darker part of the flame has additional oxygen levels that are interacting with the carbon. This is creating soot. When there is smoke the carbon is not able to combust, and this leaves behind the black coloring.

Professional Cleaners

If a person is bothered by the soot, there are professional grade cleaners that they can purchase. Home good stores or even some supermarkets will have soot and smoke removers. They can be used to get the soot off of the wall.

There are also citrus degreasers that can be used to remove soot and other debris from the wall. If a person is not sure what cleaner, they should use they can do some research online. There are even professional grade products that can be used.

Homemade Cleaner

Homemade Cleaner

There is a simple homemade cleaner that can help get the soot off of the walls. A person can mix vinegar with dish soap. They will put a teaspoon of each in a gallon of hot water.

This will help remove the soot. To clean the wall a person will get a clean cloth and wipe the wall down with this mixture. This will help remove the soot.

Other at Home Method

There are some other things that a person can do to help remove the black soot from the wall. A person can mix a tablespoon of trisodium phosphate and a gallon of water.

They will then take a sponge and put it into the water. The sponge should be wet but it should not be dripping wet. A person will then scrub the soot off of the wall with a sponge.

They will need to work on a small section at a time. They may also need to wet the sponge again so that it will continue to be effective.

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

People have heard that Magic Eraser made by Mr. Clean has been known to remove soot from the walls. This can work but there is a process for this. A person should vacuum up any extra soot that has gotten on the walls.

They will then use the magic eraser and some warm water to clean up the soot. This does work well. If a person wants, they can also try the store brand of the Magic Eraser to help clean up candle soot.

Will cleaning soot remove paint?

Latex based paints are often sturdy and they will not be a problem. A person can even wash the walls with vinegar and the paint should be fine.

A person can use a few drops of vinegar or dish detergent with a bucket of water, and this can be used to remove the soot without messing up the paint.

How to Dissolve the soot

How to Dissolve the soot

When a person is burning a candle they need to be aware of what can dissolve the soot for their cleaning purpose.

Trisodium phosphate is one of the best things that can be used for cleaning soot. There are some phosphate free products that can also be used. If a person is not sure what to do or what they should look for in the stores they can make a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water to help work as a degrease.

Ways to Reduce Soot from Candles

If a person is having trouble cleaning up the soot there are some things they can do to reduce soot from getting on the walls.

Quality Candles

Quality Candles

While bargain candles may look nice and they may seem good they are not good for the walls. They are made from cheaper material. They have added fragrances, oils, and other additives that will not allow for proper combustion and will lead to more soot.

They will not burn cleanly. If a person is going to burn candles they should purchase high quality candles even if they do cost a little more. It will save them trouble with the cleaning process.

Reduce Drafts

Drafts can play a big role in candle soot. The draft will take the combustible material and can blow it on the wall. This will lead to a mess of soot. In order to keep the soot off of the wall, the candles should be burned in an area where this is not a draft.

This will also reduce fire hazards.

Can soot stain the walls?

Can soot stain the walls?

While people love their candles soot may be able to get on the walls and stain them. They cannot clean off the soot like they would another mess. If a regular sponge and water are used then this will smear the soot and make a bigger mess.

A person must follow a specific cleaning process. When a person notices the soot on the walls they should take measures to clean it off right away. This will help prevent stains.

Soot from the candles can make a big mess on the walls. It is possible to clean the soot off without ruining the paint or leading to stains. A person can still enjoy their candles and with the right cleaning process, they do not have to worry about soot ruining their walls.

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