Troubleshooting Electric Fireplace Blowers: 7+ Fixes

A fireplace blower is important to keep the electric fireplace working properly. If the electric fireplace blower is not working the fireplace will not function as it should. There may be some reasons why the fireplace blower is not working and tips on how to fix these issues.

Electric Fireplace Blower

Decrease Air Flow

If the blower is not putting out as much hot air there is a problem. Decreased airflow is one of the main reasons why a fireplace blower is not working. The decrease in airflow is often due to dust and other particles from the fireplace that have clogged or blocked the vent.

This is an easy fix for this. Use a wet/ dry vacuum to remove the buildup from the vent. This should allow the fireplace to work and put out hot air again. If the vacuum does not help a long handled brush can be used.

With the brush, all of the particles should be pushed out. If the blower is still not working after both of these attempts there can be a problem with the motor. The motor may have collected dust and it will need to be cleaned out.

Circuits are Tripped

Circuits are Tripped

If a person has an older home and they did not upgrade the circuits to the blower on the fireplace this may lead to electrical issues. Older homes do not have as much voltage and they may not be able to handle some modern features even a fireplace blower.

To fix this problem the voltage in the home needs to be able to handle the output from the blower. There may need to be upgrades made to the circuit panel to keep the circuit from tripping when the blower is in use.

Blower Will does not Turn on

If the electric fireplace blower is not turning on there may be an issue with the motor. To begin check the control panel settings and make sure that the blower is set to automatically turn on.

Also, check the panel for any damage or any wires that may have come loose or frayed. If there is damage to the wires they are going to need to be replaced.

If this was done or if the wires are fine there may be a problem with the motor and this issue will need to be addressed.

Check the Manual

Check the Manual

The electric fireplace should have a manual to show where the parts are and where the blower is located. Each electric fireplace may be slightly different. There is a general tip to help check the blower and look for any signs of a problem.

The blower is usually on the lower side of the firebox. Once the blower has been located it is important to make sure the electric fireplace has been unplugged and had the chance to cool down.

Clean the fan and the motor. In addition to the vacuum as mentioned before a can of compressed air may help to get out the areas that are hard to reach. The fan bearings should be sprayed using WD40 to ensure they are working properly.

Put the fireplace back together and plug it on. Allow it to run to test out the blower. This should have the blower working again. If the blower does not work there may be an issue with the fan motor.

The trouble with the Thermostate

If the electric flower is not working there may be an issue with the thermostat. The blower itself may be just fine. If some electric fireplaces there is a built in thermostat. There is not a separate switch for the mower.

The thermostat will regular the rate that the blower works. The switch on the fireplace must be on for the blower to work. When the thermostat reaches the set temperature it will turn off the blower.

The blower will not turn on again until the room begins to get cold. If the thermostat is not working properly the blower will not work either. A person will need to look at the model of electric fireplace that they own. They may need to connect the blower to an electric outlet.

This will give it another outlet so it will not solely rely on the thermostat. A person should then turn the switch on. They will disconnect the two wires that will connect the thermostat to the blower.

The multimeter probe to the thermostat should be checked to make sure the electric connection is fine. If there is a reading of zero the thermostat is not working and it will need to be replaced.

A person can try to replace the thermostat or they can call a professional. Once the thermostat is fixed the blower should work without a problem.


There are some things that can be done to the electric fireplace unit to keep the unit working properly and ensure there are no issues with any of the parts including the blower.

If the fireplace overheats this can lead to issues with any of the parts including the blower. If the fireplace is overheating the unit should be unplugged and allowed to cool down. It can then be used again.

A person will need to make sure that nothing is blocking the heating component or the blower. This can lead to issues and cause the entire unit to stop working.

Regular Maintenance


Like everything else, the electric fireplace and the blower need regular maintenance. The blower should be cleaned every few months to help prevent buildup from the fireplace.

If the fireplace is cleaned this will help prevent issues with the blower. The blower should specifically be checked several times a year to make sure it is clean and there are no issues.

These are some common issues with the electric fireplace blower and tips on how to fix them. Electric fireplaces can put out a lot of heat as long as they are working properly.

The fireplace blower is needed to keep the fireplace working properly so it is important to fix these issues as soon as they occur.

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