11+ Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas

Many farmhouses are known for their fireplace fixtures, especially models that were built during an era before the application of electricity and gas made it possible for someone to heat up their home as a means to keep the colder temperatures at bay.

The appeal behind farmhouses that have fireplaces has tickled the senses of fans who love anything to do with country, rustic, and western influence. It has served as a key influencer to modern farmhouses wanting to install fireplaces of their own as part of its country-style charm.

Whether the idea is to stick with the old-school rustic or go contemporary, there are numerous farmhouse fireplace ideas an interior decorator buff could work with as a means to express their own personal style.

Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas

1. Boarded

Even if the home doesn’t happen to be an actual farmhouse, there’s no reason why one can’t bring a hint of country-style living to the fireplace. By simply placing a design of horizontal boards against the wall, plus a base and edging that makes it look like a framed masterpiece, you have yourself a farmhouse fireplace situated in the luxury of your own living room.

Maybe this is even a bedroom idea to spruce up its look into something that gives you a taste of country living even if you happen to live in the middle of a big city.

2. Cultural Icons

A farmhouse fireplace idea first starts by associating what is the primary reason to embrace a culture that tends to focus on traditional favorites that have stood the test of time. Many farmhouses are known for collecting keepsakes that offer hints of yesteryear.

Whether they’re genuine antiques or items made to look that way, pair these up with your national background and you have yourself the ideal setting for a farmhouse fireplace that has the best of yourself written all over it.

3. Farmhouse Inside the Farmhouse

Whether you actually live in a farmhouse or not, the idea of situating a farmhouse as part of the fireplace’s decor is a great idea for the home as an artistic form of expression.

If you don’t really use the fireplace much but simply want something there to serve as a reflection of country-style living, one would be hard-pressed to do a better job than situating a dollhouse-style structure that looks exactly like a farmhouse.

4. Holiday Celebrations

For the farmhouse that loves to celebrate as many holidays it believes in as it can tend to really go all-out with fireplace ideas to liven things up. Country-folk tend to enjoy celebrating big and small holidays alike, each of them according to their cultural upbringing and traditions.

5. Homestyle Church

Among the Christian community, a good chunk of them has a close tie to the simplicities of country living that also happens to include farmhouses. It is not uncommon to enter such a home that has displays of Christian-related decor throughout.

A fireplace is a place of significance among the Christian community, especially among those who also celebrate Easter and not necessarily because of the bunny.

6. It’s a Bunny’s World

A house situated on the farm is just one of at least a few structures that define what country living is all about. This also includes the collection of livestock, personal pets, and wildlife.

It is not uncommon to find bunnies and rabbits on the farm as they hop to and fro as your property happens to be theirs too.

For folks fond of bunnies, why not doll up the farmhouse fireplace as if it were a shrine for these cute little creatures?

7. Let’s Get Modern

The beauty behind this farmhouse fireplace idea is mixing old-school country with modern-day flair in a manner that just simply works. It is simple enough to pull the look off, yet decorative enough to make it far from boring.

8. Loaded

Usually, a farmhouse fireplace these days will have the supplies and tools nearby so one can tend to the lit fire with convenience. At the same time, the added decor of a potted plant, whether it’s real or not, beautifully takes up what would otherwise be unused space.

The shelving above can either be used as a place for something practical like a mirror sitting on it or a whimsical display of rustic items that add to the room’s country-style environment.

9. Puzzle Me This

The most charming quality of a farmhouse fireplace is the ability for one or two people to sit in front of it and enjoy time together. For romantics, it’s a great opportunity to unwind as they perhaps share their dreams of the future together.

Whether sitting on a loveseat to cuddle or at a table to put together a puzzle or play a game, this farmhouse fireplace idea is a tough one to beat.

10. Stoned

If one really wants to step back in time with the farmhouse, especially the fireplace area, the all-stone design is the way to go. This will definitely bring you back to an era where times seemed to be much simpler than they are now.

11. Stoved

Maybe it’s not necessarily a fireplace you want for the farmhouse but a woodburning stove that has so much style to it that it becomes the favorite feature for the entire family.

When visitors come over, they are awestruck by the stove’s simplicity as it is surrounded by a decoration scheme that clearly has rustic written all over it, as well as a hint of contemporary.

Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas

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