11+ Fireplace Cover Ideas

For people who have a fireplace, whether it be indoors or outdoors, the necessity of a cover not only serves as a means of protection but as a potentially decorative item when it’s not in use.

For fireplace owners who favor practicality over style, it can be as simple as a screen. Among fireplace owners who opt to be more creative with the cover, it can either accommodate the dancing fire as part of the scenery or be used as a portable decorative prop. Another good reason for a fireplace cover is to keep the cold out when it’s not in use.

Fireplace Cover Ideas

1. Barn Door

As a means to insulate the home from the outdoor cold brought in by a fireplace not currently in use, this barn-like door not only does the job effectively but also serves as a decorative addition to the room that still keeps things simple.

2. Cover-Up

Called a Chill Out Draft Eliminator, this adhesive-style fireplace cover does the job to keep the cold contained within the fireplace so it doesn’t affect the rest of the room. This is simple and easy enough to use that doesn’t cost a fortune.

3. Deco


Like a miniature mural, this decorative fireplace cover idea not only does the trick as a fixture that stands between what’s behind it and what’s in front of it but as a reflection of the decorating scheme you have in mind for the room.

4. Doors

Like small doors, this fireplace cover idea keeps the cold where it belongs as well as keeping the warmth where it belongs. Just like a real door, it acts as a barrier to keep the two environmental factors apart until the time comes you wish to open it.

Whether or not it’s actually installed as doors that get opened when you wish to use the fireplace is up to you. You can also simply have it in place and take it out, then set it aside, as an option as well.

5. Fan Out

Like a peacock, this fan-shaped fireplace cover idea not only does the job that it’s been designed to do but with serves as a great conversation piece as visitors can’t help but notice the beautiful detail of its art museum-like qualities.

6. Full Coverage

Maybe you want to do more than provide minimal fireplace coverage. Maybe you want the entire thing covered up as you either put it into extended vacation mode or retirement.

Doing so with some cool designs on it so it adds a bit of stylish decor to the room is as good of a way to make the most out of this full coverage as any.

7. Logged

If the fireplace isn’t in use and you want to keep the little ones out, load it up with a collection of logs. Not only does this prevent unwanted snoops to venture into territory they shouldn’t go, but it can also become a rather decorative addition to the room.

8. Picture It

Like a framed canvas of picturesque art, this fireplace cover stands between the cold from the outdoors behind it and the warmth of the indoors in front of it.

Depending on what the decor of your room is, this is a great way to make a practical item come across as an artsy reflection of your personal style as an interior decorator.

9. Put a Lid on It

Not every fireplace is a fixture in the wall. Sometimes, there is the odd one that happens to be part of a coffee table. Whether the fireplace is linear or woodburning, covering it up with a lid that does the job when it’s not to use is a great way to keep it clean and extend its lifespan from any environmentally-related issues that would compromise it.

Between the sun, the rain, and the cold, any item left outdoors will encounter a speed-up of wear and tear as opposed to what’s usually kept indoors.

10. Reflective

A mirror-like fireplace cover idea not only serves as a great barrier between the warm and the cold but also adds some cool drama to the room. Little ones, should they crawl up to it, may find themselves amused staring at their reflection.

11. Screening

A fireplace screen as a cover is one of the most popular choices made by people who have one in their homes. Whether it is a simple screen assigned to do the job or something that has more detail,it does the trick to keep out what shouldn’t go in it, as well as keep in what shouldn’t come out of it.

12. Tree of Life

Instead of a boring old fireplace screen as a cover, why not liven it up with a design feature on it, like a tree? If you don’t care for the tree there are other decorative schemes you can go with that give the screen a more appealing look to the naked eye.

Fireplace Cover Fireplace Cover Fireplace Cover Fireplace Cover Fireplace Cover

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