13+ Cool Fireplace Decor Ideas

One of the highlights of a home is the fireplace. There are a few highlights inside a house that is as impressionable as a setup that acts as a heat source and a form of entertainment at the same time.

Instead of watching the overly hyped news on television, why not simply enjoy the view of a fire crackling before your eyes? Adding to this form of entertainment is the collection of decor around it that can easily cater to any taste.

Okay, if you really want to watch the TV that bad, there are interior design ideas that can place it above the fireplace without it getting burned.

Fireplace Decor Ideas

1. Black Stockings

Instead of black coal in Christmas stockings, why not simply go with black stockings that can be hung throughout the year?

2. Bunting Beauty

The decor of bunting draping across the fireplace can either be a year-round experience or time it for Valentine’s Day. Maybe there are other special occasions that come to mind. Who says we have to stick with Christmas stockings?

3. Easter Bunnies

Among folks who have a fireplace that celebrates Easter, use this occasion to make the most out of it.

4. Fiery Entertainment

Watching the flames dance in the fireplace while keeping an eye on your favorite television program is one creative way to keep yourself entertained. There are also shelving opportunities for books and collectibles.

Simple and sweet with the black and white color scheme, this is a great setup that caters to a wide variety of personal tastes as a homeowner.

5. Flare Out

Ideal for any season, the flared mix of floral, feathers, and whatever else comes to mind makes this a great centerpiece above the fireplace. Just how flared out would you like it?

6. Go Flora

Floral framing around an old fireplace spruces up its surrounding decor, adding a new element of class to liven up the room. The mirror situated above makes the overall look even more dynamic.

7. Harvested

The autumn season witnesses the brilliance of color, along with the cooler nights that come with it. Instead of a pumpkin patch outside, set one up inside. Surround the fireplace with the display of changing leaf colors and you have yourself a decorative masterpiece.

8. Menino Jesus

Decorating around the fireplace with a festive spirit doesn’t have to revolve around Santa Claus and his reindeer. The original concept behind Christmas did revolve around a certain Saint Nicholas dropping money in the stockings of three young ladies that were in a desperate situation.

This act of kindness was meant to go unnoticed but their father caught him in the act as this man saved his daughters. When asked why he did it, Nicholas said it was due to the generosity of Jesus Christ that he was inspired to do what he did.

The Menino Jesus is spotted in the wreath while the rest of this elaborately decorated fireplace glorified the spirit of Christmas in a manner that sees the genius of creativity at its best.

9. Regality

Live like a royal with this regal display of a luxuriously designed gold framed mirror and a pair of brilliant floral bouquets.

10. Seascape

The view of oceanic wonder dancing above the fireplace makes an excellent contrast of worlds, especially when the fireplace happens to be lit up. Enjoy the view of the dancing flames while you take in the splendor of aquatic beauty.

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common to use a television set as an LCD cinematic display of art that doesn’t involve a television program or a movie.

Set one up to feature a slideshow of marine life if you wish to add some extra drama to the decorative layout above the fireplace.

11. Shabby Chic

Shabby and chic, the standout creativity between the swans and the shutters make the fireplace look even more scenic, not to mention the genius of turning it into a woodburning stove to really set off a classic look for the ages.

12. Stoved

Turning the fireplace into a home for the woodburning stove is a great way to bridge the best of both worlds into a unique display of ingenuity.

13. The Big Screen

The large flat-screen television hanging above the fireplace should suffice as a cinematic experience as you watch a romantic movie while the flames dance about, adding to the overall entertainment value.

Handily stored next door, the stack of logs makes it easy enough to keep the fire going should you wish to turn your movie night into a double feature.

14. Tis the Season

Christmas stockings and fireplaces seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?

15. Trick or Treat

For Halloweeners, this fireplace decoration scheme has the feature of a witch attempting to drop down the chimney, Santa Claus style. Hey, instead of Christmas stockings, why not hang trick or treat bags instead?

Fireplace Decor Ideas Fireplace Decor Ideas Fireplace Decor Ideas Fireplace Decor Ideas Fireplace Decor Ideas

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