13+ Amazing Fireplace Wall Ideas

When it comes to turning an ordinary wall into something extraordinary, nothing does it better than a fireplace. Whether this is installed as a structure that burns wood to create a special ambiance to the room or uses today’s technology as a linear fireplace, these make great additions to the room.

As far as fireplace wall ideas go, whatever the imagination can conjure up as a design scheme is up to you.

Fireplace Wall Ideas

1. Class Act

If the idea is to have the bathroom feature a fireplace fixed into a wall that is surrounded by nothing but class, this is as good of a way to go about it as any.

Whether the wall is made from glass, ceramic, or metal, the choice is up to you what material works best for you and that fireplace.

2. Curing Awkwardness

Should there be a fifth wall to what would otherwise be a square room, an easy cure to what could be an awkward design would be to install a fireplace.

Keep it simple enough to do the job, yet beautiful enough to perhaps make it the best-looking wall in the room.

3. Good Enough

Instead of dolling up the entire wall to accommodate your new fireplace, all you need is something to serve as a decent frame to further accentuate its look. The contrast of a brick design against a plastered wall has always been a phenomenal choice.

However, even going with something like stone or wood can work just as well. Part of the attraction of this idea is it still serves as a fireplace wall idea but with a minimalist approach.

It also gives a bit of shelving space, not to mention helps the fireplace pop out even more as the room’s main attraction.

4. Horizontally Speaking

The horizontal boards stretching across to doll up the wall makes this a simple, yet tasteful fireplace wall idea. This is a great idea to deal with the conversion of a garage to an extra room should you be looking to expand the living space of your home.

The replacement of what used to be a garage door with something as cool as this would be easy enough to pull off.

5. In Between

Perhaps you have wall space between a set of doors and you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Installing a fireplace here serves two purposes. The first is to turn this part of the room into an artsy reflection of yourself.

The second is adding a heat source to what could very well be the chilliest wall in the room. This fireplace wall idea makes it a standout, thanks to a metal frame and plate that serve as a great compliment to this design.

6. Metal Works

If you want to turn an ordinary wall into something special and are looking to install a fireplace to do it, one great way to jazz up the wall behind it is to go with a metal material.

This contrast compared to plastered walls makes this an eye-catching, pop-out work of art that is sure to spruce up the look of the room.

7. Oh, Bricky, You’re So Fine

Why not brick up the wall to make it stand out as a work of art as you proudly display your fireplace? This adds so much character to the room as a great addition for decorators into a variety of looks such as classic farmhouse, contemporary, or industrial.

8. Panel the Energy

The beauty of panels is how easy they are to work with when it comes to sprucing up a wall. With the installation of a fireplace involved, the least amount of space used to pull off this room beautification project helps preserve as much floor space as possible.

This is a great option to go with if you don’t wish to compromise the room’s overall size anymore than it needs to be in order to pull this fireplace wall idea off.

9. Slim and Trim

This fireplace wall idea allows the featured item to have a slim look of a wall that slightly pops out but not so much that it takes up more space than what’s needed. The base at the bottom allows enough room for fireplace tools, as well as perhaps a large vase.

10. Totally Marbled

The marbled design surrounding the fireplace from floor to ceiling gives an even greater dynamic to the entire decorative scheme of a wall. On both sides, neighboring shelving units that look built-in give the entire appearance of the wall nothing short of spectacular.

11. What a Pop Out

The stark contrast between the wall and the fireplace is usually an eye-popping favorite. The idea of this fireplace designed to pop out, as well as tucked in, adds definition to the wall behind it, as well as the rest of the room.

Regardless of whether or not the wall behind it pops out as seen in the pic, the idea is to make the fireplace become a standout masterpiece.

Fireplace Wall Fireplace Wall Fireplace Wall

Fireplace Wall Ideas Fireplace Wall Ideas

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