How Hot does Mesquite Burn? [Stats]

  • Generally, mesquite firewood will ignite around a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, which is 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This is hot-burning firewood, providing temperatures ranging from 800 to 950 degrees Celsius (which converts to 1472 to 1742 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Learn if mesquite is good firewood here

Most homes today use a standard heating system for providing warmth through the cold winter months.

However, many homes use fireplaces and other wood-burning units to heat up their dwelling.

There are different types of wood that people use for this purpose. Homeowners use certain types of criteria for burning wood.

They consider factors such as cost of firewood, the size of firewood, and the best burning logs for providing heat. Mesquite wood is considered a great wood for fireplaces because it provides a lot of heat.

So, how hot does mesquite burn? Well, keep reading to find out the answer to this important question that all fireplace owners should know.

Why is mesquite a good burning wood for fireplaces?

Mesquite is an excellent wood for fireplaces because of its excellent ability to burn. Mesquite is derived from shrubs and trees that are classified in the Prosopis family.

They are also a part of the legume family of plants.

Why does all this matter?

Because the plants that are a part of the Prosopis or Legume classification grow in arid or semi-arid regions. This means that the wood is generally dry and puts out a great amount of heat because of its genetic makeup. Plants that grow in arid and semi-arid regions of the world must conserve water and are more flammable.

These wood types are dryer and less dense than wood in moisture-prone areas.

The Heating Output of Mesquite Wood

Mesquite wood is hot burning fuel source. This wood has a temperature range between 1472 and 1742 degrees Fahrenheit (800 – 900 degrees Celsius). Most woods will expel about 1,112 Fahrenheit (600 degrees Celsius). As you can see, mesquite can burn up to 630 degrees hotter than the average piece of wood. This type of burn rate makes mesquite wood a good wood for heating homes and for barbecuing foods.

Is it really feasible to have a hot burning wood like mesquite for the fireplace?

Yes, you can use mesquite wood for a fireplace. However, there are some drawbacks. First, many people consider this type of wood a bit too smoky for indoor use. If a home has a great ventilation system that can suck the smoky gases out of the home, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Some firewood producers have figured out how to keep mesquite wood from emitting so much smoke.

Still, this firewood might not be the best choice for families with members that have breathing issues. Another con of mesquite is its odor. While the wood is considered a good burning log for grilling meats, not everyone is a fan of its flavor or odor.

People who use this wood to heat their home will run the risk of having their home smelling like a backyard barbecue that never ends. While many people do like barbecues that doesn’t mean they want to always be stuck at one. The smell from mesquite could trigger this type of response.

Mesquite firewood has a low pop or spark rate which means it is great for heating overnight. The low pop rate means that it will be harder for this type of wood to cause a fire. Since the logs are so hot, homeowners won’t have to use as much to heat their dwelling.

Mesquite burns slow which means that it constantly gives off heat. A homeowner will need to know how much of this wood to use when burning to keep their home warm without overworking their fireplace system. As a side note, mesquite firewood is a favorite for outdoor grilling and cooking.

People generally like the flavor of this wood for their meats and other barbecue-related foods.

Some restaurants use mesquite smokers to smoke pork, beef, chicken, and turkey meats.

This wood is also used to make some furniture and it is also utilized with building some structures. If these objects catch fire, they too will burn at an incredibly hot temperature like unprocessed mesquite wood.

How hot does mesquite burn when its old and/or wet?

Mesquite wood will burn when its old. However, like any other type of wood, it might not burn all that well.

Still, old mesquite wood will burn hotter than most other types. Professional wood workers who use this wood state that this log type can be stored up to 4 years on average. They also state that the wood can be last longer with proper storage care.

So, mesquite will retain its exceptional burning ability and heat output over time. Even though that is the case, mesquite that is not properly stored won’t burn as well.

All wet woods have a hard time burning properly. Mesquite is no exception. If mesquite isn’t kept dry and free of moisture, it will ruin the wood. It can still be burned once its dry enough to combust.

However, the quality and rate of the burn and heat will be diminished. Rotted mesquite wood can be burned but it will be at in inferior rate. Also, rotted mesquite (or any other type of wood) will give off some unwanted chemicals and smoke in a home’s atmosphere.

Is mesquite wood a practical home fuel and cooking source because of its high temperature output?

Truthfully, homeowners can use this wood source to heat their homes. However, mesquites outstanding heating qualities come at a high price. This is why alternatives (such as oak) are often preferred.

Also, most people don’t have easy access to mesquite wood since they’re grown in arid and semi-arid places. Remember, most people live near rivers or wooded areas where there is an abundance of oak, maple, walnut, and cherry woods.

Mesquite is preferred for cooking and only real pitmasters or serious cooks will use this heating source for their foods. It provides exceptional flavor to meats, and it cooks them well.

Mesquite flavored meats are preferred over charcoal based or propane flavored foods.

Charcoal does burn hotter than mesquite since charcoal has a temperature about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, serious grillers prefer to have the smokey flavor of a mesquite grill.

So how hot does mesquite burn? Well, you now know the answer after reading this information. Now, you can use this knowledge when deciding on what fuel source to heat your home or to fire up your grill.

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