How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Fireplace?

At a glance, average costs for installing a gas fireplace:

  • According to Thumbtack, the average cost of installing a gas fireplace in the US is $4,500. Prices range from $2,500 to $10,000 for 2020.

Gas fireplaces have been a popular choice for many homeowners. They are so easy to operate and safe to use.

To buy and install a gas fireplace with all its components, however, it can be pricey.  Find out in this article how much that project will cost you. I will analyze for you the parts and processes needed as well as their cost.

How much is a gas fireplace?

You will have to buy your gas inserts for $2000. The other cost is the installation price. The installing price has a range of $2300 to $10000 depending on various individual factors like ductwork, personal style as well as extra gas plumbing among others.

If you need to take your house warmer out, the removal cost ranges from $4000 to $10000. The prefabricated gas fireplace model has a price range of $1000 to $8000. You will also incur the same price when buying a double-sided warmer insert. If you opt for a ventless warming item, you shall incur a cost ranging between $2000 to $3500.

Understanding operational costs

What are the charges for installing a gas fireplace?

What are the charges for installing a gas fireplace

The basic cost of installing your warmth item is $4500 or between the range of $2300 to $10000 depending on the installation style. When buying your warmth source, you need to choose between a vented or a ventless one. Consider the following factors before deciding:

  • The price
  • The ductwork
  • The Manson work intensity
  • Installation of gas line
  • Removal or repair of chimney

You can also consult a contractor near you for more insight on what you need. In a natural vented warmth source, the air gets in through a duct or chimney and goes out via the same ventilation system.

Its efficiency is lowered because of heat emission through the vent. A ventless fireplace has no chimney nor duct, it uses a catalytic converter to clean the air. Vent-free units are more expensive but with fewer fixing costs.

Installing a direct vent warmth item will cost you between $3500 to $7500. You need to consider factors like brand, venting needs, and appliance cost when making your choice.

How much do gas logs cost?

Without considering fixing charges, vented gas logs with a chimney will incur between $300 and $500. While ventless logs with no chimney will incur between $350 and $600 without considering installation price. The log installation charge ranges between $200 to $350 depending on the factors involved. You will also need to pay a fixing permit of $100 or less depending on your city requirement. On this permit charge just consult the gas line plumber near you.

How much do gas fireplace inserts cost?

Before including the fixing price, the price range for warmth source inserts is $4000 to $6000. You can only install them in existing fireplaces. If you choose or you already have fireplaces with no chimney-like ventless type or electric type, then you will not require inserts

The double-sided insert will incur between $1200 to not more than $8000 before considering fixing charges or labor. If you go for a two-side ventless fireplace, you shall find a charging range running from about $1000 to $2500. You can consult fireplace insert installers in your area for assistance in nailing down the price. The installation charges is dependent on gas work, fixing location, or even drywall work.

For ventless inserts, you will incur between $2000 and $3500, installation included.

What is the cost of installing a fireplace insert?

Installing house warmer inserts has a price range of between $3000 and $4000. Fireplace inserts are efficient, easy to use, and less expensive during installation.

You will also need to buy propane for use. The propane price varies between $2 and $2.75 per gallon. To run 100000 BTUs you need one gallon of propane.


Before you buy a fireplace it is highly necessary to familiarize yourself with the whole cost. Right from purchasing to the installation of every component. Based on the above information, you can now make rough estimates and be able to install the system within your budget.

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