How To Change The Bulb In An Electric Fireplace

  1. Start by unplugging your electric fireplace/insert. Once you’ve given the bulbs 10-15 minutes to cool down, you can go ahead and remove them.
  2. Find the access panel for the back of your fireplace insert- it’s usual secured with screws that you’ll need to remove.
  3. You should be able to see the bulbs (if not consult your owner’s manual to figure out where they are)
  4. To remove the bulb, unscrew it in a counterclockwise motion. Important note- some electric fireplaces use halogen light bulbs- which you need to use gloves/napkins to touch because your skin’s oils will weaken the surface of the glass
  5. Screw the new bulb in a clockwise motion, screw the panel back in, and start your fireplace back up again.

Everyone who has ever tried to change a lightbulb can attest to the fact that it’s not always as easy as it seems.

The same goes for changing the bulb in an electric fireplace.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of changing the bulb in your electric fireplace, so you don’t have to stress about it anymore. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make the process a little easier.

So read on and learn how to change that pesky bulb- get started by watching this video:

If a person owns an electric fireplace they are going to need to properly maintain it. There are some things that can go wrong with the fireplace. It can be something simple like the lightbulb burning out.

It is easy to change a lightbulb. This is a simple fix and is something that most people can do at home. These are some tips for changing a lightbulb in an electric fireplace.

Get the right bulb

There are different models of an electric fireplace. You’ll need to check the model number so they can get the correct light to blub.

Size and wattage can play a role in this too so that is something else that needs to be considered.

The Unit

It is important to unplug the electric fireplace from the wall. While this may seem simple there are some people that will forget to do this set. Depending on the unit a person may need to isolate the electrical supply. This is for the unit that may be hard-wired.

The cover to the fireplace is then removed. This is usually near the back of the unit. If a person cannot find it they should check their guide that came with the electric fireplace. Different models may have different needs and locations.

The lightbulb should be taken out of the fireplace. The burnt-out bulb should be properly disposed of. A person will then put the new lightbulb inside the fireplace.

Once the lightbulb has been installed a person will need to put the cover on the back of the unit. They should make sure that it is secure and in place.

Once the unit has been secured a person can then turn on the power source. This may be as simple as plugging the electric fireplace back into an outlet. For the hard wired fireplaces, they may need to turn the power source back on.

This will allow them to see if the lightbulb was the problem. if the new lightbulb goes on everything is fixed.

Electric Fireplace Lighting

How to replace bulb for electric fireplace

This may vary by model but a lightbulb is an important part of an electric fireplace. The light may give the fireplace the look of a real fire. It will light up the flames and will allow the fireplace to glow.

This will allow a person to have the look for the fire in their home. If the fireplace no longer has the glowing look lit up this can be mean that the lightbulb is not working and needs to be changed.

For an electric fireplace to work there needs to be a light source. There are two main ways that an electric fireplace is able to make light. Halogen bulbs can be used. Some of the fireplaces will use LED lights.

This will be more energy-efficient and will allow a person to save money on the electric bill when they are heating the fireplace. Most modern fireplaces are using LED lights. These lights will usually last for a longer time and they will not need to be changed as often.

If a person has an older model of an electric fireplace that is fine but they need to be prepared that they will need to change the lightbulb more often. Most bulbs will only work for a couple of years so they may need to be changed several times.

How to tell if the bulb is burnt out

Some signs will tell a person that the light bulb in the fireplace is not working any longer. If the flame effects are not working this is the main sign that the bulb is not working. If a person wants the flame effect working they are going to need to replace the lightbulb,

Replacement Bulbs

If the lightbulb does need to be replaced a person needs to make sure they have the right bulb for their electric fireplace.

The best place to look is in the owner’s manual. If a person no longer has a hard copy of this manual they may be able to find it online. They will need to search the make and the model of their electric fireplace.

When a person removes the bulb from the fireplace they can look at the wattage and other information. This will allow them to order the replacement that is the exact same as the bulb that is no longer working.


Most bulbs are in the center of the unit. They have an access cover which is often in the back of the unit. To get to the bulb the access cover will need to be removed.

Depending on the type of electric fireplace that a person has and all of the features that it offers more than one bulb may need to be replaced. This will make sure everything is working and the fireplace will provide the desired effect.

If a person does not want to change the bulb often they should see if they can ut Led lights in the fireplace.

Some electric fireplaces may have lights under the fake logs. These lights often have illuminated the logs and give them the look of a real fire.

Fireplace Bulbs

E12 Bulb

The bulb will vary from the model but the most common type of bulb for an electric fireplace is the E12 bulb. They can be purchased from most hardware stores or they can be ordered over the internet.

If a person is not sure what bulb they need they should read the information off of the bulb that is going to be replaced.

This is some information about how to change a burnt bulb in the electric fireplace. The fireplace can still produce heat without a working bulb. If a person wants to have the cozy glow of the fire and the effect of the flames they are going to need to replace the bulb.

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