How To Remove Fireplace Doors: Change Or Replace Different Types

The fireplace has always been a symbol of warmth and comfort. The family gathers around it to share their stories, the sweet smell of hot chocolate fills the air, and everyone is content. But what happens when you need to remove your fireplace door?

A well-maintained fireplace door can help prevent creosote buildup in your chimney when you are not using your fireplace. Creosote buildup may result in chimney fires, which are very dangerous and costly to homeowners. This little-known fact may have you considering whether you should inspect your fireplace door for damage before using it this winter season, particularly if you have not used it in a while.

In this article, we will look into the procedures of handling and removing various door types- whether you’re using a wood burning stove or even a ventless gas powered fireplace.

Removing various types of doors

You will come across different fireplaces in the market with varying door types. This gives the necessity of learning how to get off each of them. It becomes straightforward to unmount a firmly fitted door by following the set procedure. You should stick to the procedure step by step. Before removing the hearth door, ensure that the area is cool and no heat is emitted because you don’t want to burn yourself. Also, ensure you hold the door firmly while removing the screws. Not forgetting to ensure the necessary tools are put in place. Once you remove the doors, consider giving your brick fireplace a cleaning.

How to remove glass fireplace doors

Before attempting any step, you need to identify the L-shaped brackets located at the bottom of your fireplace. After locating the bracket, get a Philips screwdriver and unscrew the four screws from the bracket. After removing the screws, the frame will hang with lintel clamps. Therefore, the next step is to unscrew the lintel clamp crews using pliers. Like I mentioned earlier, you should hold the door firmly as you remove the screws. During the removal process, tilt the door a bit to make the process smooth and easy. Now, keep the door in a safe place along with the screws. This will allow you to enjoy the warmth of your hearth. If you’ve got a stone fireplace, consider giving it a polish while the doors off!

How to remove bifold glass fireplace doors

Removing the bifold glass door is an easy-to-understand and straightforward task. You first need to ensure that the fire is not lit and the fire zone area is cool before getting down to business.

There are two sets of bifold doors, open one at a time. The top-notch of the doorway has a spring clip; push that clip up before sliding the top of the entrance outward to remove the downside pin. Take the pin gently from the pivot hole, then hold the door safely with both hands as you remove it. Follow the same procedure to remove the other bifold door set. Keep both the pins and the doors in a secure place.

How to remove prefab fireplace bifold doors

This one is also easy because it involves the removal of the upper and bottom pins to pave the way for the removal. Open the gets entirely, too, before pushing the clip. Push the upper clip to purge the pin. Then lift the door to reach the bottom pin. Remove the clip from the bottom by releasing it from the top to release the door ideally. Repeat the same for the other bifold set without putting any damage to the parts of the fireplace.

How to remove masonry fireplace doors

There are masonry fireplaces with doorway frames that are fastened using screws. There is another set with tension clips in place of screws. For the ones with screws, use a Philips screwdriver to correctly and safely get the doors out of the hearth. To reach the screws, open up the hearth entrance. For the instances with tension clips, you simply remove the lower and the bottom pin to get the door out.


How to remove prefab fireplace bifold doors

The fireplace door is an essential part of the fireplace system.

Modern fireplaces come along with doors. Some people do not like the idea of having doors in their fireplace- or they need to doors that are broken. Remember, you can always use this guide for cleaning gas fireplace glass. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to remove the doors in your hearth without hurting yourself or doing any damage to them.

The fireplace is a was commonly used in the early time to provide warmth during winter or cold seasons. It was the only source of warmth in the house. In modern times, people have devised other sources of warmth in the house like electric heaters and others. Nevertheless, the tradition of the fireplace has not vanished.

Some people are still stuck with the hearth as a means of warmth.

Removing the fireplace gateway may seem difficult. But when you understand and follow the procedures elaborated above, it becomes an easy task.

Once your door is replaced with something more effective, it will not only keeps you warm this winter, but allow you and your family to bask in the joys of coziness with your loved ones all season.

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