How to Use a Gas Fireplace with a Key? [5 Steps]

  • Although many gas fireplaces have a knob or switch to light the fire older gas fireplaces use a metal key to turn on the gas flow and start the fire
  • You just need to find the keyhole, insert it and give it a half turn to release gas into the fireplace logs
  • Then insert a long butane lighter close to the center of the gas logs where the gas tube is located and then ignite the gas logs
  • You can turn the key to increase or decrease the height of the flame

I stared at the small, metal keyhole in confusion. This was not what I expected when I moved into my new house. I had a gas fireplace- how hard could it be to use? I assumed there would be a switch or a knob or something easy to figure out. But instead, there was this tiny keyhole that looked like it would be difficult to use.

I tried inserting the key but it wouldn’t go in all the way. I jiggled it around and finally got it locked into place. Now what? I turned the key counterclockwise and nothing happened. Maybe I was doing it wrong? I tried again, this time turning it clockwise and still nothing happened.

I was getting frustrated now. Why did this have to be so complicated? I was about to give up and call someone for help when suddenly the gas started flowing and the logs ignited! I was so relieved- now I could relax by the fire without having to worry about anything.

But as I sat there watching the flames, I couldn’t help but wonder- how many other people were struggling with this same tiny keyhole? It seemed like such an unnecessary complication. If only there was an easier way to start the fire…

Anyway, here’s a video guide if you need some additional help:

People are switching their wood-burning fireplaces for gas fireplaces. While wood does provide heat to the home and has a nice glow it is rather messy. Gas fireplaces can do the same without the mess.

They do not have a product as and there is no soot to clean up. This will allow for a cleaner burn. You can now have a gas fireplace with a key to turn it on.

Starting a Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces start in different ways. A gas fireplace can have a knob that you turn to start it. Others may have an ignitor that can be used to start the fire. Some of the fireplaces do have a key. To get the gas fireplace going you will put the metal key in the keyhole.

When you turn the key this will allow the gas to flow to the unit so that the fire can be started. It is easy to use the key to get the gas fireplace going and have a nice fire in your home.

You want to make sure you have the key to your fireplace and know where it is at all times. The fire will not be able to start without turning the gas on and having a gas source to keep it going.

Key Hole

On your gas fireplace, there is going to be a keyhole. In most cases, it is near the base. The keyhole should be on the floor just before the fireplace.

If you do not see a place for the key look at the lower part of the wall nearest to the fireplace. The keyhole is going to be small and made from metal.

Inserting the Key

Once you have located the keyhole you are going to need to put the key in it. The key should look similar to a long metal pole. The square end of the key is put into the hole. Insert the key until it cannot go in any further.

You may need to jiggle the key around a little. When the key is inserted correctly it will be locked into place.


Turn the key in a counterclockwise motion. It may take around half a turn to allow the gas to be released. The gas will then be able to go into the fireplace logs.

Getting the Fire Started

You may need an additional flame to get the gas fireplace going. You can use the long end of a butane lighter. You will want to put this near the gas logs when the gas tube is.

You will press the trigger on the light and you should see the logs ignite. Be careful when doing this step. At this time you should have a nice fire going in your gas fireplace.

Controlling the Flame

You can control the flame and increase or decrease the height. If you want to increase the height of the flame you are going to put the key back in the keyhole and turn it counterclockwise. If you want to decrease the size of the flame you are going to put the key in and turn it clockwise.

Shutting the Fire

When you want to shut off the fire you are going to need to cut off the gas supply. To do this insert the key into the keyhole and turn clockwise like you are decreasing the flame. Keep doing this until the flame is no more.

This means that the gas is off and you will not have to worry about the fire when you are not home watching it.

A gas fireplace will allow you to enjoy the fire without the mess. You will not have to restock it with wood and worry about ash and soot. The only thing that you need to do to enjoy this fire is to turn the gas one.

When you are done with the fire just turn the gas off and you are good to do.

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