Is Beech Good For Firewood? Yes, but…

  • Yes, beech is excellent firewood- especially if you’re fortunate enough to live nearby where it grows in the northeastern U.S.
  • This dense hardwood will burn really hot and clean without producing a ton of sparks
  • Splitting the wood ranges from easy to moderately difficult, depending on whether there is a twist in the grain
  • Beech generates 27.5 million BTUs per cord
  • Because it’s a dense hardwood, it needs to be seasoned at least 1 year before using it in your fireplace or stove

The smooth bark does not flake off which reduces the amount of bark left inside your house or in your yard.

This is a great characteristic of beech because you won’t find bark laying all over your living room floor like you would with other hardwoods like ash or oak.

Is it good for firewood?

Beech is among the best wood used for burning. However, beech has higher water contents hence the need to dry it well. Users must season it for around three years before the is used for burning. It is advantageous to the user since they are not forced to burn it in a mix and burnt it on a burning stove.


Beechwood possesses a relatively higher BTU of 27.5. meaning, Beechwood can be one of the best firewood types one can utilize for heating their homes. Most of the “good” firewood possesses a BTU of approximately 18-20, making beech wood the best choice when picking available firewood.

Where you can find it

The American beech wood can be found in a geographical area region from Cape Breton Island, Southern Quebec, Northern Michigan, Southern Ontario, Eastern Wisconsin, and Nova Scotia west to Maine; then from south to the southern side of Illinois, Northern Arkansas, southeastern Missouri, eastern Texas, southern Oklahoma among others. Beechwood is said to be a native species from the southern side of England are regarded as a non-native species from the northern part, where it is usually disregarded as “native” woods.

Properties of the tree

There is no huge variation between the American Beech and the European Beech as they are from the same family. They share the same properties almost in everything except for minor details such as texture and grain. They are similar in terms of workability.


The appearance of its heartwood is reddish-white or brown or pink, and the sapwood is usually pale cream. Over time, it changes its color to slightly dark-colored. After a stem treatment procedure, the wood turns into a golden tone.


Beechwood possesses the attribute of being hard. The American Beechwood hardness is around 1,300 lbf, while European Beechwood possesses a hardness of around 1450 lbf. Therefore, it is ideal to use for exterior applications and home furniture.

Rot resistance

Beechwood is not the best type of wood for rotting resistance. Beechwood does not possess the natural properties for rotting resistance. The wood can cause decay easily.


Beechwood can be trim, finished, and glued easily. Beechwood is commonly popular for its steam-bending. It is easier to utilize machines and tools as soon as they acquire medium hardness.


The Beechwood possesses good vorticity and sufficient hardness, but that does make it durable. The Beechwood can easily rot or be attacked by insects.


The European Beechwood is readily available in almost all of Europe and can be obtained in bulk. The American Beechwood tends to be available in the marketplace at a very affordable price only in the Domestic range.

Quality of the fire

Beechwood can be regarded as one of the best calorific wood fuels in terms of the heat being extracted, and purchased in the United Kingdom, which means that the Beechwood possesses a long-lasting and great burn with close to no smoke. Beechwood is the best firewood for use in stoves, multi-fuel burners, and open fires since it is easier to light.

How easy is it to chop up firewood?

Surprisingly, although Beechwood is a hardwood tree, it is easier to split and burn with calm and brighter flames.

What can i use Beechwood for?

Beechwoods are utilized to make floors, veneer plywood, railroad ties, and furniture. Therefore, it is appreciated as wood fuel since it possesses good burning qualities and a high density.

Advantages of Beechwood firewood

Beechwood is perfect to utilize as firewood. Firewood cut from Beechwood is used to smoke fish, nuts, meat, cheese, and vegetables. Also, it is popular to smoke Westphalian ham.

Disadvantages of beech firewood

Beechwood cannot be used for permanent outdoor purposes since it is short of durability when exposed to moisture variations. Beechwood cracks and wraps. Another disadvantage is that the firewood may absorb water very high.

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