Is it safe to burn charcoal in a fireplace? No, but…

  • No, it’s not considered safe to burn charcoal in a fireplace because it produces a lot of carbon monoxide
  • A lot of people online do say that it can be done, especially if you use a special grate that lifts the charcoal off of the fireplace so the air gets underneath the fire
  • Regardless, if you try, make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector nearby

You may be wondering if you can put charcoal in your fireplace. The answer is no, you can’t!

Although charcoal products are ideal for an outdoor BBQ you shouldn’t use them in your fireplace.

This is because when charcoal burns, it unleashes carbon monoxide. This won’t be an issue in the open air of your backyard, but it’s extremely hazardous if you’re indoors.

So unless you desire to die of carbon monoxide poisoning, don’t do it! The charcoal will not create enough heat for your chimney to draft adequately permitting the byproducts of combustion to enter your home. CO is colorless and borderless, so you won’t see it coming if it builds up.

If you want long lasting logs as a charcoal alternative, try some DuraFLame logs . They are easy to light, produce little to no smoke and have a long burn time.

Now that you know you can’t put charcoal in your fireplace, go out and enjoy grilling some food! Just make sure to do it in the great outdoors so you don’t put yourself in danger.

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