Is Magnolia Good For Firewood? Don’t do it!

  • No, magnolia wood is not good firewood because it burns too fast and creates a fine white ash
  • It also produces relatively low BTUs
  • While it will burn very hot, it doesn’t last long- so it’s not ideal as a source of sustainable heat
  • If you’ve got some lying around in your yard, it’s generally used more often for making furniture or carving than it is used as firewood

So is Magnolia good for firewood?

Magnolia wood is ranked among the least firewood favorites because it burns quickly and has poor coaling qualities.

Magnolia wood has a low but a decent heat value mainly because of its light weight or low density.

However, Magnolia wood can be burnt if the wood is well seasoned to provide heat for a reasonable time. Magnolia is good for firewood, especially when used together with better-burning wood such as oak for hotter, lasting warmth.

Properties of Magnolia Wood

Magnolia is a species of hardwood trees, although it doesn’t follow the rules of most trees with its broad leaves and is evergreen.

The wood is cream in color with hard fine-textured straight grains. Magnolia is moderate in strength. It burns fast, producing hot flame for a short time. Magnolia has a non-warping capacity and air spaces that make the wood dense and light.

Is magnolia good to burn?

  1. Magnolia is an adaptable evergreen tree that can grow in various soil conditions. It has a rope-like root system, and the bark of a magnolia tree is thin and easy to cut.
  2. Burning Magnolia firewood: What are the fire characteristics of magnolia?
  3. Smoking: Magnolia produces moderate smoke when burning, which is not strong.
  4. Coal: Magnolia produces few, low-quality coal which cannot last through the night. It needs maintenance to keep the fire burning.
  5. Indoor fire quality: Magnolia is not great for an indoor fireplace, especially if you desire longer burning wood to warm your house during winter. However, seasoned magnolia burns better.
  6. Burns fast: Magnolia burns rapidly into a fine white ash. It burns hot but doesn’t burn for long.


There are many varieties of Magnolia Wood that are good for firewood. Though magnolia has a low BTU, magnolia evergreen happens to be the greatest burning variety with a 21.3 BTU. The average BTUs of most magnolia is between 18.9- 21.3, which is a good amount of heat for a hardwood.

Where can you find Magnolia Wood?

Magnolia trees grow anywhere in the world. Hence you can find magnolia wood anywhere. Natural magnolia species can be found in South Asia, Eastern North America, South America, Central America, and West Indies. Magnolia trees do well in a warm and dry climate.

The quality of fire

Since magnolia is not a typical firewood species, it does not offer the best quality of fire. If the magnolia wood has aged well, it will give you better heat.

Safety: Magnolia provides safe fire since the wood is not toxic or poisonous.

Magnolia burns hot for a short amount of time. Because the wood is very light and dense, it will not generate as much heat or burn for as long as other firewood species.

Cutting and splitting it

How easy is it to chop up magnolia for firewood? Magnolia is soft and easy to cut and split, even for more mature trees. Magnolia can be split when green, but it is best to break it when it is completely dry.

How long should magnolia dry before burning?

Magnolia needs a longer time frame to season well because it is not a firewood species. Magnolia should be dried for 18 months or longer before burning. Split the wood, then put it in a low-humidity environment to dry well. When magnolia is dried well, it will give you a decent amount of heat during cold nights.

When is the best time to burn magnolia wood?

It is more favorable to burn magnolia during spring or fall when the outside temperatures are mild and bearable. Its poor coaling properties will give you enough heat for fall and spring but not during the winter.

That said, magnolia is an average wood for firewood. If you have access to other wood species, you can spare your magnolia for another purpose, such as woodwork; it will give you better results.

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