Is Osage Orange Good Firewood? Maybe…

  • In fireplaces, osage orange firewood burns slow and hot with a pleasing smell.
  • However, as one of the densest U.S. firewood, it burns so hot that it sparks a lot, so it’s better off in a wood burning stove than a traditional fireplace
  • Because of the excessive heat, it can increase the potential for bricks cracking in your firebox
  • Leave your fireplace’s glass doors open but a heavy duty spark screen to protect against the sparking
  • It can also produce a lot of smoke, which can be troublesome if you experience a chimney downdraft

Is it the winter season, and you’re wondering what type of firewood to use for your fireplace or outdoor furnaces? Osage orange firewood is one of the quality firewoods used in such seasons.

It is one of the highest heat-producing firewoods making it perfect for usage. Let us find out more about the osage orange firewood down below.

Is it suitable for firewood?

Yes. The osage orange tree can be used for firewood. It is mainly ideal for outdoor wood furnaces since it produces a lot of sparks and smoke. It has a lot of heat, providing warmth during the winter season.

The firewood does not take a long time to dry. The tree is difficult to harvest compared to other types of firewood. Still, the resulting quality firewood you get is worth the trouble.


BTU stands for British thermal unit, a traditional unit of heat.

The volume of dry wood and pulpwood is measured in cords. An osage orange tree weighs about 4792lbs per cord and produces approximately 32.9 million BTUs of heat per cord.

The high BTUs produced mean that it emits a lot of heat. It is more heat than some coal can release.

Where can you find the tree?

Osage trees are mostly found in the eastern states and some other parts of the country. They were first discovered among the native American Osage tribe and the Osage mountains. It takes five years for these trees to grow 10 feet tall.

Properties of the osage orange tree

Also known as the hedge tree, the osage orange does not grow very tall. It has a golden to bright yellow colour that inevitably changes to a darker brown with time.

Moreover, it has a high to medium texture and straight grain. The tree has high decay resistance making it very durable. It has non-edible fruits since they produce a bitter, milky sap.

It is not only used to make firewood but also used to make archery bows, musical instruments, dye, and fence posts.

Fire quality

Osage orange has a high density; hence it can burn for a long time and at a steady heat. It burns scalding hot, so it is safer to keep the fire smaller. Moreover, it produces a lot of sparks and has a lot of smoke and creosote due to the high concentration of sap. It also emanates a light citrusy smell when burnt.

Chopping firewood

The osage orange branches have sharp and prickly thorns making them hard and dangerous to split. It is better to chop when still wet since it is a hard and dense tree. When left out to dry, it becomes challenging to say the least.

Seasoning the osage orange firewood

Greenwood is hard to ignite; hence it is essential to dry the wood. When the wood is split, the insides are exposed to air and sunlight, making the seasoning process quicker.

After chopping the firewood, please give it a rest of about six to twelve months away from the rain. Depending on the size of the logs, osage orange firewood can take up to two years to season. You can stack the wood to speed up the drying process.


Apart from being used as firewood, the hedge tree is used to make archery branches due to its strong yet pliable branches.

Due to the high rotting resistance, it is used to make durable fence posts. In addition to that, it is used to produce livestock fences since it forms a wall when grown close together.

It is also used as a natural wind barrier. The yellow colour of the tree makes it perfect for making yellow dyes.

Whether buying or burning firewood, having some clues about the different types of firewood can maximize effectiveness and save you some trouble for wood stoves or a fireplace. The osage orange firewood is well-rated in heat production.

Still, it is not popular since it does not provide a clean-burning fire. However, it is not a choice of firewood that you will regret choosing.

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