13+ Linear Fireplace Ideas

Linear fireplaces are usually operated by gas or electricity, serving as an alternative to the actual wood-burning experience. This contemporary approach to liven up a room and heat it up at the same time has earned its place as a highly favored option to highlight a home.

Nowadays, such fireplaces can be operated by remote control. This is a fantastic way to control the heat and ambiance of a room without having to get up and tinker with the burning wood with a special tool.

This alternative is also less messy as there is no ash or other residue that needs to be picked up and cleaned out. It also doesn’t discolor its immediate surroundings as fast as going with a wood fireplace.

DIY Linear Fireplace Ideas

1. Catch a Wave

While the linear fireplace is cool enough on its own, designing the walled scenery around it can give it an even more dramatic effect. The dance of either electric or watery-like waves stretching across may cause this part of the room to become a mesmerizing experience. You can make this even more dynamic by placing a flatscreen television on the wall.

2. Floor It

A fireplace on, or rather in the floor doesn’t seem so far-fetched when it is of linear design. For something out of the ordinary, this works as an unconventional approach to a contemporary design that really makes it an eye-appealing decoration scheme.

If you have a room that has a corner that seems to only have enough space to put something on the floor, instead of pillows and junk, go with a linear fireplace instead.

Not only does this solve the problem as a spot-filler but the practicality of the heat coming from it makes this linear fireplace idea even better.

3. For the Bathroom

There are some homes that do have a fireplace in the bathroom. Among the population who enjoy a good soak in the tub with a glass of wine to simply relax and wash the troubles of the world away, the concept of a linear fireplace in the bathroom becomes very appealing.

Perhaps you have an old medicine cabinet or shelving unit that has enough room to allow a small fireplace to be installed that would do the trick.

4. Great Balls of Fire

Who says a fireplace has to have the look of burning wood? The beauty behind linear fireplace ideas is the ability to go with whatever decoration scheme you have in mind to make it look like it’s on fire.

For fans of the contemporary, this is a really cool way to add some stylish heat to your room that you can enjoy.

5. In Living Color

Perhaps you have a room that has you in a position where you wish to install a linear fireplace but has no place to put it other than where a window happens to sit too close for comfort to the next-door neighbor and their window.

Instead of staring back at the neighbor who is staring back at you from their home, use this fireplace idea as a means to block the view with something better, at least for you.

6. Linear Lit Dinner

Instead of a candlelight dinner, go linear. As you wine and dine outside, taking in the awesome scenery of the great outdoors, add to the experience with this linear fireplace idea as the dining table’s main attraction.

Not only does it add ambiance to a great family and friend gathering, but sends off the right amount of heat to keep everyone warm as the day transcends into evening.

7. Outdoorsy

Many people enjoy a good fire outdoors as much as they do indoors. Why not install a linear fireplace on the patio? This particular design idea has a flatscreen hidden inside that rises to the occasion as a means to add even more entertainment value.

If the weather permits it, instead of stepping back into the house to enjoy the ball game, do so outside and use the heat from the fireplace to fend off the chill of the evening as the sun starts to go down.

8. Tabled

As an alternative to sitting outside, surrounding a campfire, why not do the same with a linear fireplace? This great idea is a safer alternative for family and friends to gather around and enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the great outdoors in warmth and comfort.

Or, if you’d rather, do this on your own and simply take in the splendor of this genius design.

9. The Great Divide

Whether you’re looking to install a room divider or redesign one, the idea of putting a linear fireplace is an excellent way to go about it. Facing one side of the divider is the living room where you can watch the virtual dance of flames and a movie at the same time.

On the other side of the divider, in the bedroom, it’s just you and the fireplace as you let its display and heat send you to lullaby land.

10. The Replacements

Maybe you once upon a time had a wood-burning fireplace and found it was too much hassle to try and keep it lit. While some homeowners have been known to put their fireplaces into retirement, others simply took out what they felt was an inconvenience and replaced it with a linear fireplace.

Just as capable to warm up a room and serve as a dancing piece of scenery, the beauty of this idea is you no longer have to play with the wood just to keep the fire going. With the luxury of remote control, you don’t even have to get off the couch or out of bed just to adjust its settings.

What’s great about this idea is once you have this fireplace redesigned as a cleaner alternative to what used to be there makes it safer to hang a wall-mounted television above it. So, while in bed or on the couch, you can watch the fire and a movie at the same time.

11. Wall-E

If you happen to have a big wall that would make the perfect canvas to do something special with it, why not install a linear fireplace to give it a whole new, dynamic look?

This beautiful stretch across the near bottom of the wall also allows a big screen projection on the wall above it, adding to your viewing entertainment.

So, get seated and cozy up close to that linear fireplace as you watch the game or your favorite movie.

Linear Fireplace Ideas Linear Fireplace Ideas Linear Fireplace Ideas Linear Fireplace Ideas Linear Fireplace Ideas

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