How to hide wires for wall mounted TV over fireplace [Tips]

We all know the feeling. Your living room is finally looking great, you have a lovely sofa with a nice rug and you bought a new TV.

You’ve been out of the house for a few hours and when you come back it’s dark outside, but that’s not what bothers you. You look around and realize that your living room is full of these ugly cables from your wall-mounted TV ruining the look of your newly furnished space.

This post is about the frustration of ugly cables ruining the look of my living room.

It’s not just me! I’m sure many of you have experienced this before.

The most common solution to this problem is hiding them behind the wall, but there are some ways- read on to see some other strategies:

How to hide ugly cords for your wall mounted TV

Group the wires

Tie the wires together in an organized way using cord clips. Make sure the lines are not tangled which, could be dangerous especially, if they are at children’s reach. This method is most appropriate when you have chosen to mount your tv over a brick fireplace. Matching the cords with the wall color will give the room a classy look and, the television wires will not be visible.

Buy a tv stand

This might require sacrificing your existing fireplace, but a fireplace entertainment TV stand is an interesting compromise. A tv stand would be another option for hiding your tv wires without destroying your walls. Arrange the lines behind the tv properly using cords to tie them together ensuring, they do not get entangled.

This method is not cheap but, it is ideal for concealing cables behind the stand. There are many TVs stands with different designs that can complement the look of your living room without ruining the design and arrangement of the house.

Conceal the wires with other objects

Fireplace photo collage

Consider hiding the lines using other items like books, lampshades while making sure that they complement the look of your living room. This idea requires a lot of decorative strategizing so that that you do not leave your apartment looking messy.

Ensure you pick the objects to hide with depending on the color and appearance of your room. Arrange the cables properly while confirming they do not get entangled with the things you are using to conceal the wires. Check out our guide for mounting a fireplace over a stone fireplace!

Get creative with the wires in your living room: camouflage

There are many creative ideas to make the cables in your living room look classy and appealing. Make different shapes using the wires to make the apartment look attractive without messing with the walls. This idea is ideal because it is cheap and does not require an electrician to do so.

You can ask for assistance from a friend to get a second opinion on the overall looks after decorating the wires. You can camouflage the wires using flowers to make them look like creative art. This way is not only original but unique depending on your creative skills.

Utilize a cable management box to hide the wires

Hiding tv wires can be hectic, especially if you do not have the time to do it. Purchasing a cable management box is the most time-saving method since it does not take up time concealing the wires in the box. Ensure you are keen when arranging the lines so that they are not entangled to avoid dangerous electrical accidents.

The case is big enough to hide the wires since the overall goal is to conceal them. A cable management box is appropriate if you do not want to drill holes on the walls but still want to hide the tv wires near the fireplace.

Concealing tv wires over the fireplace can be tricky depending on the look you wish to achieve. Choose the method that is cost-effective but still works for you. If you find doing it by yourself difficult, consider getting help from a specialist but, this option could be expensive.

Utilize a cable management box to hide the wires

The idea to hide the tv wires over the fireplace is numerous and vast. Ensure you go for the designs that blend with the appearance of your apartment to avoid ruining the design and arrangement. You can choose to get creative with the plans to achieve your desired look. Ensure you are careful while hiding the wires to prevent dangerous electrical accidents.

The appearance of your living room can be ruined by hanging tv wires all over the fireplace. Organizing the cables will give your apartment a nice look, and the lines might be dangerous hanging around the fireplace. Hiding tv wires can be problematic for some people since they do not know to do so. There are many ways to arrange the room and still achieve a classy look for your house.

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