13+ Painted Fireplace Ideas

The fireplace is usually one of the top highlights of the home for its decorative charm and practicality. More than just some fixture in the corner, up against the wall, or perhaps as a room divider, the fireplace not only serves as a great heat source on a cold night but a picturesque display of flames dancing about.

Perhaps, over time, you find that old fireplace could use a bit of a facelift by doing a simple paint job just to spruce it up.

Painted Fireplace Ideas

1. Blackout

Maybe after staring at a white fireplace for so long the idea of painting the entire thing black would be an idea worth considering.

The black not only makes a great contrast to what might have been either white or other lighter color, but offers new decorating ideas to turn the look of the entire room into something completely different.

2. Branch Out

For a painted fireplace idea that does more than simply give it a change of color, branch out the possibilities with a design that can either give it a marbled look or something veiny.

Maybe you’re already happy with the fireplace’s current color but just wanted to give it some highlights.

3. Brick Revival

Liven up those old bricks with a whole new look. After a good cleaning to turn the bricks into the perfect canvas, use the perfect paint and primer to do the job and go at it.

4. Contrasts

Instead of just one color to liven up the look of the fireplace, go with two. The contrast of two different colors as part of the scheme of things can be as bold as a lion or as gentle as a lamb.

5. Duality

Instead of just a contrast in color as a painted fireplace idea you want to take it a step further by adding a design contrast as well. Framed right around the opening of the fireplace you can put in a tiled look by simply adding some painted-in stencil work.

The best bet here is to do so after repainting the rest of it with a new color so that the detailed patterns are kept clean. If the idea of painting something that looks like tiles feels like its too much work after repainting the fireplace, go with wallpaper instead.

6. Glossed Glory

There is a special paint that gives a more defined meaning to a high gloss finish. One can easily achieve the marble look to help pop out the best features of the fireplace with so much shine that you may need sunglasses just to look at it.

This is a great painted fireplace idea that can easily work with brick, ceramic, metal, stone, and wood.

7. In Living Color

Who says a fireplace can’t become a canvas to create some really cool paint designs? Why does the fireplace have to look so conventional?

This unconventional approach as a painted fireplace idea offers the details of beautifully contrasting colors and designs that have a mix of Bohemian and whimsical.

8. New Combinations

With the incredible eye for detail, along with some patience to go with it, transform a fireplace into something that shows off your talent as a genius decorator that knows how to work with the seemingly impossible.

You like the design of the fireplace enough that you don’t want to bland it with a single color but still wanted it to sport a brand new look.

9. Pastel World

For a step out of the norm, applying pastel colors to the fireplace may do the trick to put some spring back into a part of the house that could use this refreshing new look.

10. Pretty in Pink

For the unconventional, why not go with the contrast of black and pink? This gives that old fireplace a refreshing look that mixes fun and personality as a great expression of your personal style as someone who isn’t the least bit shy to decorate your own home your own way.

11. Rich Wood

If the fireplace is beautifully detailed but could use a better paint job to bring more of its best features out, applying a richly brown paint color may do the trick.

12. Stenciled

For a painted pattern that’s been stenciled in, the application of a previously designed sheet that shares the same size as each tile is a great way to do a beautifully detailed fireplace.

Nowadays, there are ways to create a covering over each tile that has exposed cutouts that can simply be painted over to bring out the design in mind.

Tile for tile, you can either go with a single contrast color scheme between something dark and light or take it a step further by being as colorful as you choose to be.

13. Whiteout

Once upon a time, the stone-walled fireplace was the highlight of the room before deciding it could use a change.

The option of white as a painted fireplace idea is enough to give this part of your home a brand new look without going to extremes.

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Hi, my name’s Eugene Duke and I love sitting by my fireplace reading a book and sipping on an adult beverage. Do you have a fireplace in your house? I’ll help you figure out the best type and style of fireplace for your home.


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