13+ Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas

What makes a stacked stone wall so appealing is how much it pops out on its own, adding even more depth to the look of a room. When the stacked stones also happen to have a fireplace as part of its feature, it makes this design idea even better.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas

1. Cornered

You wish to install a fireplace but in the corner. Perhaps you’re not sure how to go about it. One idea is to make this design idea really work for you as a stacked stone fireplace that also serves as an ideal shelving unit.

Situate a television on top of it or whatever your heart desires to further enhance what will no doubt become the highlight of the room.

2. Country Style

Stacked stones making up the design of a fireplace in the home have been one of the most popular choices among homeowners who live in dwellings such as cabins, cottages, and farmhouses out in the country.

Back in the day, pioneers acknowledged the brick encasing a fireplace or woodburning stove within it was able to take the heat without going up in flames.

As a decorative piece, those stacked stones add so much beauty to a room that it has the ability to serve as a contemporary favorite.

3. Framed

Fireplaces featuring the stacked stone as part of their makeup already have the characteristics of an old-school, rustic room. By simply framing this with wooden beams, it further enhances the look without overdoing it.

It also makes a great shelving opportunity across the top. If you’re into seasonal decorating, what a great way to go about it. If you’d rather keep it simple, this looks awesome on its own too.

4. How You Stack It

A stacked stone fireplace idea is the concept of a stone-framed fireplace that not only looks good but serves as a buffer to absorb the heat without bursting into flames that would destroy your home. However, you stack those stones is up to you.

The beauty behind this design is the horizontal-style stones that have been stacked one way while the vertical-style layout just above the fireplace itself contrasts against it.

5. Keep It Subtle

The subtle look of this stacked stone fireplace features a collection of bricks adorning the wall in a manner that keeps the look elegant, natural, and subtle.

For designers opting for the fireplace to remain as the standout attraction but still want the stacked stone as part of the decor, this is the way to go about it.

6. Let’s Take it Outside

Maybe you’re looking to build a fantastic patio in the great outdoors and have thought about installing a fireplace structure. The beauty behind this stacked stone idea serves a multitude of purposes.

If you want the outdoor patio to be well sheltered with a roof and perhaps something that partly serves as a wall with a view, this would be a great way to go about it.

Not only does this serve as a great opportunity to install that ideal fireplace but you can make the most of it by turning this area into an artful masterpiece.

7. Room Divider

So, you have a room that is just too big and you want to install a divider that can also double as a fireplace. One great way to go about this is to stack up those stones in a manner where you can pull off the look.

Should you still want the big room to act as one and use a stacked stone fireplace idea as its centerpiece, this is a great way to go about it.

8. Smoky Wonder

The smoke-like shade of this stacked stone fireplace idea brings out the best of a natural stone look that looks like it was perfectly chiseled to turn this fantastic feature of the room into something even better.

9. The Base

The stacked stone serving as the base of the fireplace unit is enough to serve the dual purpose of looking good and being of practical use at the same time. If the intention is to keep things simple but still make the room look good, this is the way to do it.

10. Walled Up

You want the stacked stone look surrounding your fireplace but you don’t want to take up any more room than you need in order to do it. Almost like wallpaper, this panel-like design is a fantastic way to go about it. Still use real stones to pull off the look but not let it pop out so much.

11. White Out

Just because there are stacked stones adorning the fireplace doesn’t mean it has to be a multi-colored collection of layers. By going all-white, you allow the real star of the room, the fireplace, to stand out even more.

It also keeps the look of the room clean and classy, not to mention makes it easier to work with as a canvas for whatever decorative scheme you have in mind to further enhance the beauty of the room as a whole.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas

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