What can go in a Wood Fireplace Besides Wood

Wood Fireplace Besides Wood

If you have a fireplace in your home you may like the warmth that it provides but may not be big on the mess that wood makes. While a fireplace is nice to look at it can be messy at times. These are some things that you can put inside your fireplace instead of wood.

Eco Logs

Eco Logs

This is an environmentally friendly alternative to put into your fireplace. These clogs are made from compressed sawdust, wood chips, and other organic waste such as grape seeds. These logs will not give off as many emissions. They will often burn for a longer time and will provide more warmth than wood.

Soy Logs

These logs will not make a mess and they are made from soy wax. This will allow you to have the fireplace glow. These logs will burn for a long time and they will not leave any residue or mess behind when they are done burning.

Compressed Paper Bricks

Basement Fireplace Ideas

These bricks are made out of 100% recycled paper. They will burn clean and they will not leave behind a mess. This is another environmentally friendly option for those that do not want to burn wood.


If you do not want to burn wood you can get a fireplace insert. The inserts can be heated with propane or natural gas. The insert is designed to look like real wood and will heat the home. these inserts will take in air to keep the fire going and any waste will go through the chimney.

If you want a visually pleasing look an insert may be the way to go. While these inserts are pleasing to look at they often do not put out enough heat to keep larger areas warm.



If you have another heating source in your home but still want the glow of the fire you can place candles in the fireplace. They will provide the visual you are looking for without the mess. You can get glass candle holders so that the flames will shine.

There are many different colors, sizes, and even scents that you can put in your fireplace to make it look great. If you do not want an open flame from the candles in the fireplace there are battery operated candles and even LED candles that can be used. They will have the same great look and there is no need to light them.


If you no longer want to use your fireplace to burn wood and do not want to use it to heat the home there are some things that you can put into this empty space. You can install shelves inside of the fireplace.

The inset shelves can be made to the exact size of the fireplace. You can then put decorative items on the shelves so they will brighten up a room. You can put books, collections, and other items in this open space.

If you change your mind in the future and want to use your fireplace once again you can take out the shelves and resume burning.

Fake Wood Logs

Fake Wood Logs

If you want the beauty of wood in the home without the mess you can get fake wood and stack it in the fireplace. The fake wood can be made from various materials such as porcelain or anything else that the artist creates it with.

You can then take these fake logs and put them in the fireplace. While the fireplace will not be functional and the fake logs cannot be lit you can still enjoy the beauty and the look of the wood.

These are some things that you can put in your fireplace instead of wood. While a wood fireplace looks nice, wood creatures are a big mess and it can be hard to keep clean.

You can still enjoy the beauty of a fireplace in your home without the mess. These items can make the fireplace look great without the hassle of wood.

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