What to do if a Gas Fireplace Will Not Light

If you have a gas fireplace you may be happy with the look and how it heats your home. Gas fireplaces can run into trouble. There may be times when the gas fireplace will not lite. These are some tips and some suggestions to follow if your gas fireplace will not lite.

Things to do if a Gas Fireplace Will Not Light

Check the Pilot Light

Before you do anything else you are going to want to check the pilot light and make sure that it is lit. This is one of the most common problems in gas fireplaces.

If the pilot light is off all you need to do is turn it back on. You may want to check with the manufacturer instructions on how to turn it back on but this is a simple fix.



If the pilot light has been checked and restarted there may be a bigger issue with the gas fireplace. If the fireplace will not stay lit there may be an issue with the thermocouple. This is a metal sensor or it can also be rod shaped.

It will help determine if the pilot light should be lit and it will also send a signal so the gas valve will know how to open. After using the gas fireplace for some time

carbon deposits can build up and this will affect the ability of the unit to function and cause the pilot light to shut off. If this is happening try giving the thermocouple a good cleaning.

All you need is a rod with some fine grit sandpaper. Lightly clean off this and the gas fireplace should light again.

Polit Light is Lit but Fireplace is not

Polit Light is Lit but Fireplace is not

If the pilot light stays on but the fireplace does not there can be some problems with the thermopile. This will turn heat into electricity and it will also open the gas valve located in the fireplace.

This is needed to keep the fireplace lit. Like some of the other parts, the thermopile can be covered by carbon deposits as the fireplace is used. Clean this area using sandpaper and gently scrub at the carbon deposits until they look clean.

After you have cleaned them test out the gas fireplace and make sure it turns on. If it does not turn on you may need to replace this piece. That may fix the issue.

Incorrect Gas Pressure

Incorrect Gas Pressure

If the gas fireplace is still not lit there can be another issue. The gas pressure is not correct. After the winter when the gas fireplace is not being used the pressure may drop. A professional will need to come and adjust the gas pressure to make sure it is correct and will work properly.

Gas Valves

If the gas fireplace is still not lit gas values can be the issue. The parts of the gas fireplace can wear out due to age and this includes the gas valves.

If there are issues with this piece the fireplace will not run smoothly. This is another part that may need to be checked out by the professionals so it can be fixed.

Check the Gas Fireplace

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As a homeowner, you should check the gas fireplace regularly to make sure everything is working properly. You need to take the time to clean off the parts. This way the gas fireplace will continue to function and you can catch any problems early.

If your fireplace does not light you will not have to worry about expensive repairs. There are some things that you will be able to fix and other parts will call for the help of a professional.

These are some things to check if your gas fireplace is not staying lit. There are many little things that can go wrong and it is worth checking them out before you call a professional. Some of these small fixes can be handled at home and save you a lot of time and money.

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