13 Modern Fireplace Ideas I Love

The fireplace is your living room’s focal point, independent of the position it occupies, where you live, or the time of the year. A fireplace is a huge piece that has remained popular and has always been through the ages.

This is why it is as important to do some touches on it, just as you must carry some modern designs on your home décor. Regardless of the fireplace naturally giving off a warm and cozy aura, they are also allowed to be contemporary and cool.

Fireplaces normally create an image of traditional hearths, which are more conventional and loaded with charm, even though a fireplace can be a place that needs a modern sense of style and makeover. Suppose you have an old fireplace or a place where you are sure a fireplace would look good.

In that case, you need to look for great modern fireplace ideas on how to bring the area back to life, either by rebuilding and modernizing the old fireplace or full replacement with more modern ideas.

Modern Fireplace Ideas

However, the design you assimilate for your fireplace should be in cohesion with the décor style you have in your house, making sure it is homey, sleek, decorative, and functional. Some of the best styles that will exude modernity are:

1. Nordic styles

A room designed with the inspiration from Scandinavia should have, among others, a minimalist décor, sheepskin, and a collection of organic furniture.

Streamlining a fireplace after this inspiration creates the perfect fit for a room that is modern, curated thoughtfully, and also layered. It also has built-in compartment storage made of wood that comes in handy.

2. Use of camouflage

If you want the ultra-modern design for your fireplace, you should think of such designs as have been crafted by Raji RM. There is a flushing of the firebox with the room’s walls to create a camouflage effect in these designs.

3. Design its other uses aside from it being the firebox

Even if your fireplace is not working, you can still turn it around and create a magic of your own by designs that will turn it into a feature of immense value. You can use the area as a place to display collections or even use a cluster of pine-scented candles to create the effect of a flickering flame.

4. Let it go from the floor to the ceiling

A fireplace that goes from the floor to the ceiling is certain to create a monumental impact on your house. It will be a design that stands out, even if the colors you choose are neutral. You can also create customized effects of your own to spice things up.

5. Be wacky on the tiles

This can be very well illustrated by this design by Kingston Lafferty in which there is a merging of old designs with new ones to create better effects in a living room.

It creates a vivid contrast between the ornately designed Victorian mantel and the fireplace, which has been graphicly tiled, creating a beautiful reflection of the geometric cabinets. You can also incorporate plants to bring in more life.

6. Soften it

Suppose you assume a very simple design, supplemented with a creamy finish in addition to a façade that is soft and curved. In that case, you might create a white fireplace that lightens your living room and makes it airier.

You can also add your ornamental collectives, be it a flower vase that goes with the living room tone.

7. Embrace the industrial looks

Gray appearances might be viewed as both industrial and cool, despite their ability to be very soothing. A good example of this design is what one designer has done to her living room.

It is a piece that has created a solid ground for itself while also making a bold statement without having to overpower the room’s aura.

8. Hang modern photography

Tiles are a good way of bringing movement and color to your room at a much more affordable price than natural stone. A good example is what Reath Design has created with green tiles with high gloss to generate a casual Californian elegance.

9. Accentuation of a view

A perfect blending of the modern architectural scene is the fusion of striking steel with glass windows going from the flooring to the ceiling, which gives room for the inclusion of the beauty in the environment surrounding the house.

The fireplace acts to bring in more dramatism without being too overwhelming for the eye.

10. Black painting

Bricks are not the best combination for décor that is sleek and monochromatic. Natural stone gives it a luxe appeal, in addition to modern art.

The Nicole Hollis Studio’s solution was to paint these in black to create depth and make the old-time brick character discreet.

11. Respect architectural bones


The modern and clean lines associated with the current trends are not regulations against embracing your home’s architectural bones specific to your location.

A good example is the design of a Mexican villa where floors and tiles ceilings fully welcome the indoor and casual outdoor life with the modern fireplace and furniture bringing in some sleek level of formality.

Discover the Modern Fireplace Ideas to Implement Discover the Modern Fireplace Ideas to Implement Discover the Modern Fireplace Ideas to Implement Discover the Modern Fireplace Ideas to Implement Discover the Modern Fireplace Ideas to Implement

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