How Deep Are Gas Lines Buried: 18″? 36″?

  • The depth of gas lines varies by where you’re located
  • In the U.S., according to one Redditor, gas lines should be buried 18 – 36 inches for your average house, assuming your house is situated at street level (Source)
  • If you’re above street level, they don’t have to go as deep (Source)
  • However, in California, they must be buried at least 18 inches (Source)
  • A NY/NJ service provider says it’s 24 inches (Source)
  • Over in the UK, According to the Health and Safety Executive in the UK, gas lines are to be buried ~28 inches “in a road or verge,” ~23 inches “in a footpath,” at ~14 inches “in private ground,” and ~16 inches “in footpaths and highways.”
  • The best advice we can offer- contact local service providers and research your local ordinances to figure out what the required depth is for your country/state/city
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