How Do Amish Fireplaces Work? [Marketing Gimmick]

  • The “Amish Fireplace” is actually a regular electric heater that is cleverly marketed by the Ohio-based company called Heat Surge, according to ConsumerAffairs
  • It’s a China-made product and apparently, the only Amish connection is the mantel
  • ConsumerAffairs discovered that the Amish-built mantel portrayed in the ad is made and assembled by local area craftsmen from Ohio counties Holmes and Geauga
  • So, there’s nothing really that unique about Amish fireplaces- they’re just cleverly marketed electric heaters in an attractive, wood casing
  • You can buy similar ‘Amish’ fireplaces from AmishOutletStore and DutchCrafters

The “Amish Fireplace” is a clever marketing gimmick created by a company called Amish Heat. It is an electric heater that has been designed to look like a wood-burning stove.


How do the Amish get heat?

Apart from the ‘Amish Fireplace’, which we’ve seen is merely a clever marketing ploy, the Amish get heat in a variety of ways.

The Amish people are a religious group that is known for their simple lifestyle and their avoidance of modern conveniences like electricity. While the use of fireplaces for heat is not unique to the Amish, they have become associated with this method of heating due to their rejection of other forms of energy. The Amish believe that the use of fireplaces is more in line with their beliefs and allows them to live a life that is closer to nature.

Wood burning stoves

There are a few different ways that Amish people generate heat in their homes without using electricity. One way is through the use of wood-burning stoves. These stoves can be used to heat a single room or the entire home, depending on the size of the unit. The Amish also use propane-powered heaters in some cases. These heaters are less common than wood-burning stoves, but they offer a more efficient way to generate heat.

Solar panels

Another way that Amish people generate heat is through the use of solar panels. Solar panels can be used to heat water, which can then be used for bathing or cooking. Some Amish homes also have solar-powered lights, which can provide a source of light during the day and night.

The Amish people have a long history of living a simple lifestyle that is based on their religious beliefs. The use of fireplaces for heat is just one example of how the Amish people have adapted to their environment and found ways to live without modern conveniences.

How do Amish fireplaces work? The design of the Amish fireplace is very different from our modern gas or electric fireplace. An Amish fireplace is designed to be burning 24 hours a day, which is why they feature a large firebox and no flue.

Because they are burning so much, they need to burn hot and produce lots of heat. Because of this, Amish fireplaces are best suited for rooms that do not require a lot of heat, like a home office or a spare room.

Design of the Amish Fireplace Is a Fire Box: Main Source of Heat

The main heat source for most Amish fireplace designs is a firebox, which is a large chamber lined with firebrick where the wood or wood-pellets fire. The firebrick helps to contain the heat and directs it towards the firewood or other fuel sources. The firebox also holds a metal chamber, which is heated by the fire. The metal chamber is known as a flue, and it connects to the chimney.

Components of the Fireplace Made With Wood and Clay

The design of an Amish fireplace is unlike most other fireplace designs. Amish fireplaces are not made out of brick and mortar. Instead, they are made out of wood and clay. They are also referred to as log fireplaces because they are designed to look like logs.

Therefore, if you already know what the outside of these fireplaces look like, they are not difficult to spot wherever they are installed.

Functionality Combined With Amish Style Beauty

It is also important to note that the craftiness of an amish-style fireplace is its overall functionality. This is because this fireplace functions much like the traditional fireplace, except the heat is produced by an ingenious combustion system.

The heat-generating chamber is hidden behind an attractive front, which is installed on the wall or mantel.

So, whenever the fire in this fireplace is lit, the heat from the fire heats the hidden chamber, which in turn heats the room.

The only thing visible in this fireplace are the mantel or wall pieces. And, both of these components are designed specifically with curved inlets to allow the flames to flow outwards and upwards.

These are also the features that add a little extra ambiance and beauty in the room.

Generates More Than Enough to Keep Everyone Warm

Amish fireplaces are designed in a way that encompasses the oldest form and most effective way of heating any home today. With these fireplaces, people can keep everyone in the home warm throughout the coldest days in the wintertime.

Because the Amish religious beliefs do not allow luxury items like electric powered HVAC systems in their homes today, these fireplaces work only by the older traditional means.

In fact, as long as the temperatures do not fall below the freezing mark on the outside of the home, the heat that is generated from these fireplaces is more than enough to keep people warm and cozy on the inside.

Do Amish Fireplaces Have to Be Assembled?

Another great benefit to the Amish fireplace involves the way that these fireplaces are shipped to your home. Therefore, if you are concerned about how to put them together, this will not be an issue for the family.

This is primarily because Amish fireplaces do not require any assembly for anyone in your home to do.

In fact, if you purchase this fireplace online, all you have to do is wait until it arrives. And, once it is delivered to your home, your only job is to unpack it and plug it in. So, there are no special tools required or extra time needed to complete an installation.

No Smoke or Ashes to Deal With

Unlike other traditional fireplaces, the Amish fireplaces are unique within themselves. For instance, this fireplace does not emit harmful chemicals or smoke into the air, nor does it leave ashes in the fireplace.

Therefore, you can have all of the convenience of the traditional fireplaces of yesteryear without all of the worrisome smells and clean-up that need to be taken care of.

Customize Your Own Amish Fireplace

Customize Your Own Amish Fireplace

You can also take advantage of customization to dress up any room or area in your home. So, it is also important to remember that these fireplaces can be ordered to fit the space that you have set aside.

For instance, if you choose to do so, your fireplace can be customized to suit a number of different purposes. From requesting a specific sustainable hardwood to ordering a specific color scheme to match your current furniture collection, you can use your own imagination to determine how you want to customize and use your Amish fireplaces.


How do Amish fireplace work? The answer to this question can be found on a variety of different sites that discuss the design of these fireplaces, and how they are actually designed to work. Unlike the traditional modern day fireplace designs, the Amish takes their designs and crafting work back to the latter times.

Also, since the Amish are known for their love of fire, they have used their skills and experience to produce a fireplace that many people also love for their homes.

Therefore, the Amish fireplaces that they have produced normally show what they were thinking of during this time, including building a practical heating solution that would work well every time.

You should also know that the Pennsylvania Dutch were Europe’s first Lutherans. This is why their cultural beliefs are considered to be extremely reflective in their architecture, crafts, and their own traditions.

One of these traditions is the fireplace. So, instead of praying for a more modern gas, electric, or wood-burning fireplaces, your family can purchase an Amish fireplace for your home or a business office.

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