How to Make a Brick Fireplace Look Modern? 10 DIY Ideas

A brick fireplace makes your home cozier, warmer, and more intimate.

But, when it doesn’t match your personal taste and preference, you may hate having it in your house. And worse is when soot has accumulated all over it. Thankfully, there are various ways you can modify your brick fireplace and make it look modern.

We did a bit of research and have found out ten ways of making your ugly brick fireplace look better. Instead of replacing your traditional wood-burning fireplace or investing in a pricey electric fireplace!

10 Ways To Modernize Your Brick Fireplace

#1. Embrace the Exposed Brick

fire burning on fireplace

A lot of times we think about the brick fireplace as a part of the living room. But, the truth is that it can be placed even in master bedrooms. The only thing required is to add some modern touches to uplift the overall look. That’s why you shouldn’t be too worried about exposed brick.

Rather than being afraid of it, we encourage you to embrace its uniqueness. Pair it with bright and bold hues to bring an appealing contrast. For instance, you can try contrasting the shades of blue with pink hues.

#2. Try Taco Quartz Tile

One way to give your brick fireplace a modern uplift is to cover it with tiles. However, bear in mind that tiles require a smooth surface to stick. But since brick isn’t smooth, you will need to invest in a cement backer board. Doing such saves you the energy and costs you’d have otherwise spent on adding mortar layers to level the surface the tile can attach. As such, you attach the tile to the board then to the fireplace.

#3. Give It a White Washed Makeover

Traditional brick gives a warm inviting feel due to the red color. However, it can sometimes overpower décor themes, especially soft ones. Fortunately, whitewashing a fireplace offers an excellent solution to this. It makes the appearance of the red brick softer while still keeping the place warm and inviting. But when whitewashing, always start with less.

While more paint can brighten things up, it’s not easy to take it away when it’s too much.

#4. Create a Blue Brick Fireplace

gray concrete bricks painted in blue
We’re so used to red bricks that another brick color can seem surprising. However, you can spice things up by changing your red brick to blue. Start by painting your fireplace with a deep blue shade matte. Once the undercoat dries, apply the color wash and wipe it off quickly using a dry towel. After, mix the wash with the blue paint using the 1:1 ratio with four parts of water. Then apply the top coat using this paint.

#5. Consider a German Smear

Are you into vintage themes and design? Consider adding a German smear. A brick fireplace with an antique feel is unique and classic. However, make sure you make it the focal point of your home and work your other décor around it.

German smear creates a distressed brick fireplace that makes it rustic. Therefore, if you love the look of German homes a German smear treatment could be what you need.

#6. Create a Waterfall By Adding a Stone Veneer

A stone veneer will give your brick fireplace an instant upgrade. Some of these products even come with an interlocking system. Therefore, you won’t need the mortar. Stone veneer is an inexpensive way of modernizing your fireplace. Plus, it is lightweight, only weighs half the weight of a real stone. As such, the installation shouldn’t be that tricky.

#7. Think of a Farmhouse Home Décor

Painting the brick with different a color will completely change its look. Make sure to opt for soft and creamy shades. But, farmhouse décor can also boost the look and feel of your fireplace significantly, especially when you’ve painted your brick with lighter colors. Consider the texture and shape of your brick when choosing a farmhouse décor.

Bear in mind that you should contrast colors. Otherwise, your house will look a bit pallid. If your brick is painted with light color, opt for dull or cool farmhouse décor. Traditional accessories like cast-iron tools can also serve the purpose well- we love these stylish firewood holders, for example.

#8. Refresh with a New Mantel

gas mantel fireplace
Having a well-decorated mantel gives your space a modern appealing look- plus it can even be protected from heat. You can choose it as per your taste and preference. You can also make things more creative by decorating the wall above the mantel.

A new mantel saves you the cost of changing the entire brick fireplace. Thus, you do not need to change the paint of the whole fireplace. Instead, you can simply paint the mantle with a bright and bold color without covering the brick fireplace. This adds a new inviting feel to the house.

#9. Consider a Preppy Casual Shiplap Fireplace Makeover

If you want a total modern transformation, this can work for you. Shiplap wood wall sliding gives a finished look of barn siding using horizontal boards. It’s similar to farmhouse décor only that it looks cleaner and airier. As always make sure to play around with the colors. Use a mixture of both bright and dull colors that complement each other for an appealing look.

#10. Go Black or Gray

green fern plant on white wooden table
You can set yourself apart by having a modern and trendy brick fireplace. Often, people think that this place should only be rustic or conventional. However, there are no standard rules that limit you. If you love dark hues, you may truly appreciate how they look on your brick fireplace. Note that these hues are bold and make the room unique and more intricate.

Black painting on a brick feature gives you the boldness your living room needs. But make sure you pair it with other complementary décor items.

If black isn’t your favorite, opt for gray. Fortunately, there are made shades of gray from darker to lighter, depending on the effect you want to create. If you want the room to look larger, choose lighter shades of gray. If you’re adding drama, darker gray shades will do.

Remember to supplement with some useful fireplace accessories like the best ash bucket available and some stylish fireplace poker sticks to tend your home hearth.

The best way to make a brick fireplace look modern is to change the outdated materials like the color, stone, metal style, etc. The above are only some of the things you can do to change the look of a brick fireplace. Thankfully, all of them are DIY thus keeping the costs low.

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