Is Pine Good Firewood? Yes and no…

  • Pine is ideal outdoor firewood- great as a firestarter because of its abundance of resinous sap, though it’s not the hottest burn, though not always recommended for indoor, enclosed use
  • Its sap functions as an ignitor, enabling you to get your fire started fast and efficiently
  • The issue with it, however, is the danger of creosote build-up from all that resin and poses a risk of a chimney fire from the deposits
  • Pine is not the hottest burning firewood type – but it’s not the worst, either. Granted, some types of pine
  • If you’ve got Norway pine, Jack pine, pitch pine, or Eastern white pine- these all burn rather hot, up to 17.1 million BTUs per cord
  • A lot of people like mixing some pine firewood with other types of hardwoods to diversify the flame a bit and reduce the creosote buildup potential

The answer: it’s complicated

The primary source of fuel, as well as thermal energy, is wood. You can get wood fuel from burning different types of wood. However, there are multiple species of trees globally, and a few of these trees are more effective in generating fuel and heat, unlike others.

Therefore, choosing the best firewood can be challenging, especially if you plan to use it at home. This post will make you more informed about pinewood.

Is it suitable for firewood?

Pinewood makes good firewood, and it falls under softwood. Remember that pine firewood is not the best heating fuel, especially when using it indoors. It generates excess creosote and features minimal heat output. However, it is an excellent fire starter. Furthermore, this wood is perfect when used outdoor, such as at the fire pit and campsites.

Pinewood BTUs

The Pine’s heat efficiency and output determine if it is a good source of firewood. Depending on the species, Pine generates 14.3-17.1 BTUs for each cord. Averagely, Pine cord is approximately equal to the common heat sources below:

  • 4601 kilowatt electricity hours
  • 113 heating oil gallons
  • 172 propane gallons
  • 15,140 (cubic feet) of natural gas

Remember, one BTU offers sufficient energy you require to heat a single pound of water by a degree Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the southern yellow Pine is the species with the most significant heat output. Generally, the Pine’s heat efficiency and output are lower by seven units, unlike the black locust, which is the best for heat output.

Where can you find Pine trees?

Pine trees are usually found in the Northern Hemisphere and within a few parts away from the tropics to suitable temperature regions within the Southern Hemisphere.

Properties of pine tree

As mentioned earlier, the Pine tree is a softwood, which means it is easier and cheaper to function with, unlike hardwoods.

They grow in open areas with sufficient sunlight. On the other hand, they are also evergreen trees because they maintain their needles until new ones emerge.

They have long and narrow needles, and they also feature large cones. However, female cones are usually larger than male ones. Pine bark is reddish-brown and grows around the tree’s trunk on a rectangular scale. Besides, its bark is thick and incorporates square scales.

Pinewood burn qualities

Pine firewood has several burn qualities such as:

  • Sap- You must know that Pine features sap and resin, which will make you messy when using it. Furthermore, it causes mess almost everywhere, such as on your chainsaw, axe, clothes and gloves. It is the best source of heat outdoor.
  • Aroma- Pine has a beautiful aroma usually utilized in cleaning products and air fresheners. Most individuals love this firewood because of its aroma. You can utilize it for your smoker or even BBQ. However, it has a maximum level of resin, which is not ideal for meat smokers.
  • Smoke- It generates a lot of smoke, unlike other wood types. Ideally, it is best to use it outdoor because the breeze will assist you in getting rid of the smoke. Besides, there is a difference between greenwood and seasoned Pine. Dry wood usually produces smoke, but green wood is worse.
  • Heat output- Most people use firewood as a source of heat. You must understand that different pine species usually feature varying BTUs, with White Pine featuring 15.9 million BTUs while Ponderosa has 16.2. Additionally, Lodgepole pine is the best with 21.1. This explains why it is a better choice of heat.
  • Sparks- Ensure you avoid firewood that sparks and pops since it can easily cause an unwanted fire. Pine is notorious for sparking. Suppose you use it indoors, ensure you have fireguards within the place. When camping outdoor, ensure you stay keen to avoid unnecessary blazes.

How easy is it to chop up firewood?

Nothing is difficult to chop like green Pine because it incorporates knots that make it challenging to chop. Suppose you get Pine with zero knots; your job will be easier. Similarly, the tools you use for chopping will be hard to clean because of the stickiness and dirtiness resulting from the firewood.

Final verdict

Based on this detailed post, you can confidently tell that pine firewood is good, but it depends on how you want to use it. When it comes to outdoor camping, Pine firewood is an excellent heat source. Likewise, it is also great for kindling a fireplace or stove. Remember, it is not suitable for indoor use.

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