Should Fireplace Be Wider Than Your TV? Yes, but…

  • When choosing a TV, make sure it is at least 6-8 inches wider than the fireplace for a more balanced look.
  • If your TV is bigger than the fireplace, try expanding the fireplace trim or painting the TV wall black to create a more cohesive look.
  • If you’re unsure of what size TV to get, consider the width of your fireplace. A wider fireplace will require a bigger TV. Ultimately, it’s up to you and what looks best in your home.
  • As a bonus, check out how to arrange your living room furniture with a TV and fireplace

When it comes to the size of your fireplace, should it be wider than your TV? The answer is yes!

A fireplace should be at least 6-8 inches wider than the TV for a more appealing look. This is because when you have a television that’s too close to the fireplace, it can look unbalanced and make the room feel smaller.

One design trick you can try if your TV is bigger than the fireplace, is to expand the fireplace trim. This will give the illusion of length and make the room appear more balanced.

Another option is to paint the TV wall black. This will help integrate the TV with the wall and make it less noticeable. Yet another option is to get yourself one of these fireplace TV entertainment stands.

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Both of these options are great ways to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look in your home. So, when it comes to the question of should fireplace be wider than tv, the answer is a resounding yes!

How I figured it out

When I was choosing my new TV, I wanted to be sure that I had the right size for my room. I have a large fireplace that takes up almost the entire wall, so I needed a TV that would be big enough to fill the space, mounting the TV over a stone fireplace.

I originally wanted to get a 65-inch TV, but I realized that it would be too big for the room and would overpower the fireplace. So, I ended up getting a 55-inch TV instead, which is the perfect size for the space.

The TV is nice and big, but not so big that it dominates the room. And it looks great above the fireplace, which adds a touch of luxury to my home.

If you’re wondering what size TV to get for your space, I would recommend considering the width of your fireplace. A wider fireplace will require a bigger TV to achieve the right look. But ultimately, it’s up to you and what looks best in your home. Thanks for reading!

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