11+ Gorgeous Coastal Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces usually make focal points of any given space, especially the living room. Most people prefer them because they are a source of fun and are known for complementing numerous kinds of art starting by themselves.

Suppose you are considering redecorating your living space using coastal fireplace ideas. Worry no further. The coastal fireplace ideas featured in this detailed post will offer you multiple concepts for you to achieve your dreams.

Coastal fireplace ideas

Below is an overview of coastal fireplace ideas.

  1. Courtyard Oasis Fireplace

This fireplace is perfect for a limited outdoor space. Furthermore, the courtyard features Kentia palms, guaranteeing a calming natural element, fresh breeze, and bold color.

Bear in mind that with this fireplace, you will not suffer from the cold breezes. Additionally, this fireplace serves its purpose, even during the winter nights.

2. Rethink the mantel

Reclaimed wood is a coastal staple style. You can make up your mind and follow Julie Howard Home Design, which features a wooden ledge and not a traditional mantel. This design usually adds an extra warm contrast to the entire- white scheme.

To make this fireplace idea exceptional, you must complement it using oversized wall art on the shelf. Therefore, consider this coastal fireplace to make your home unique and appealing.

3. Traditional fireplace

You can quickly tell a traditional fireplace at first glance. In most cases, it is usually a free-standing fireplace, which is purely coastal. When you pay keen attention to this fireplace, you can easily tell that its subtle nod resembles a classic beach bonfire.

It gives you an authentic experience of a mid-century coastal vibe. Many people love it because its fire pit offers a clever play regarding tradition.

4. Use driftwood to make a coastal fireplace

If you have a coastal home, do not hesitate to use driftwood to create a fireplace mantel because it is a classic way of capping your fireplace. On the other hand, if you have pieces of driftwood, ensure you display them on your hearth or mantel.

In cases where the fireplace is not used, big chunks of driftwood are usually used to fill the black hole, which is empty.

5. Use vintage design

You can achieve this easily by using a vintage drawing or a sand bucket to add charm to your fireplace hearthside or mantel. Ensure you fill this bucket with summer sea shells. After that, surround it using framed photos of kids on a trip.

Furthermore, create a delightful and simple display to bring out the positive impact of the summer season.

6. Use beach-inspired candles in the fireplace

Tourists who go on summer vacation usually carry home coastal-themed candles, especially those with shells. Usually, they are tea light holders featuring seashells shape, like sea urchins.

These candles make a beautiful addition to a coastal fireplace. Similarly, you can use fireplace candelabra to display candles you acquire from the vacation. Bear in mind that the design of fireplace candelabra allows them to handle numerous candles in the fireplace.

Most people use them during summer because they generate fire-flickering flames without burning logs.

7. Beach fireplace with shells and corals

Decorate your coastal fireplace with the beauties of the sea, such as corals and shells. At least make a point of lining up 6 to 7 similar coral pieces and shells across your coastal fireplace to give it a dramatic look.

Apart from that, you can also display them around your fireplace in a cluster, stemware, vases, and glass canisters. If you have flowers or plants around your fireplace mantel, add shells to offer it a seaside flare.

8. Use sand to decorate your coastal fireplace

Within the coastal region, you can easily find sand for decoration around your fireplace area. If you went for a beach vacation, you could also carry some sand on your way back in brandy snifters or mason jars, among other appealing glassware.

To bring out the seaside theme, ensure you add seashells to your sand. You can position these shells on top of your sand. Likewise, you can put the shells inside the glassware against the wall before filling it with sand.

9. Palm beach fireplace

Tom Scheerer initiated this design. This design features a wood-burning coastal fireplace, guaranteeing a more romantic and intimate environment with your family or friends.

It makes an exquisite centerpiece of your coastal home. Most individuals love this place because it offers them a warm relaxing vibe in the comfort of their home. Creating a palm beach fireplace enhances your property value.

10. Malibu fireplace

You must know that this fireplace was designed for Malibu couples and is a true inspiration for Bali’s passion. The designer of this fireplace is Martyn Lawrence Bullard. He is also a Hollywood designer. Remember, this fireplace has sofas around it, which were made so years ago.

11. Opt for a Mediterranean coastal fireplace


The Mediterranean fireplace enhances numerous aesthetics and is the most admirable coastal fireplace style. Furthermore, you can take farmhouse, Scandinavian, and boho components and use the seaside flair to fuse them.

Ensure that the Mediterranean design you use expresses appreciation of whatever you love and find admirable. If you were thinking of what coastal fireplace you should feature at your home, think no more and go for a Mediterranean design.


Based on the ideas given above, you are now well familiarized with the coastal fireplace ideas. Therefore, ensure that you choose the best that suits your home. Bear in mind that coastal-themed fireplaces sometimes might be too crowded. If you realize this with your fireplace, kindly consider subtracting a few elements to improve it.

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