13+ Corner Fireplace Ideas

Are you planning to tell a story to your grad children or spend time with your partner in the comfort of your home? The best way to make these events fantastic is by installing a corner fireplace in your home.

Furthermore, fireplaces are known for enhancing the beauty of a home. Unfortunately, sometimes your space might not allow you to install a fireplace.

If your space cannot accommodate a fireplace, do not hesitate to opt for a corner fireplace. As the name suggests, these fireplaces are usually situated at the corner of your house. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with exclusive corner fireplace ideas without much ado.

Corner fireplace ideas

1. Minimalist Fireplace in the Living Room

This fireplace is excellent for individuals who love a simple and clean corner fireplace. On the other hand, ensure that you compliment this type of fireplace with smooth, simple figurines, geometrical art and furniture, such as square chairs. Undoubtedly, you would have obtained the fireplace of your dream with this type of fireplace corner.

Thus, consider this fireplace idea in your house, and you will see your house’s living room transforming into a modern living room.

2. Modern Minimalistic (Wall-Mounted Fireplace)

Many people love wall-mounted corner fireplaces because they save a lot of space and maximize the depth of your room. In addition, it offers you a mantel, which enhances tradition even without you going tradition.

Families with nosy pets and small children are recommended to consider this corner fireplace idea. Besides, this fireplace keeps them safe without sacrificing its cosiness or fun.

3. Classic All-White, Elegant Corner Fireplace

This type of fireplace has the potential to brighten up your whole room. This fireplace does not require you to complement the room. Furthermore, white usually reflect light, making the room warmer.

Remember, all white fireplaces usually look elegant and stunning and give your room some class.

4. Corner fireplace with stained glass

Suppose you already have a fireplace and you want to enhance it. Think about complementing it with a unique touch. This time forget about artwork and go for an old stained window, which is stained.

However, if you feature basic skills, you can opt to make yours at the nearest stained glass shop. Near the stained glass, add candles and simple planters, and you will have transferred the place into a magnificent corner fireplace

5. Free standing fireplace

Are you looking forward to owning a fireplace at your home, and you probably do not have sufficient cash to install a complete fireplace? Do not hesitate to opt for s free-standing fireplace.

It is compact like a stove, but it still serves the purpose of a fireplace because it adds a sense of warmth to your house. This fireplace is suitable for family rooms, offices and large bedrooms.

6. Build half wall fireplace

Suppose your doorway is wide and impossible to create a fireplace. Please do not hesitate to build a half wall for your fireplace in the corner of the room.

Furthermore, you can utilize materials such as stones or bricks or any material you choose that matches your style. Do not forget to place a chair near your fireplace because your leaving room has the potential to accommodate a lot of people.

7. Use a unique fire screen to upgrade your fireplace

After creating your fireplace, you must devise an inexpensive and simple way to alter your fireplace. You can boost your fireplace with a unique fire screen such as a branchy option.

Additionally, it offers a decorative and modern feel to your entire fireplace without numerous work. Choose a fire screen that features varying styles and colors.

8. Upgrade your existing fireplace using a gorgeous metal

You can choose to complement and upgrade your corner fireplace using a metal back. In addition, this metal guarantees you fireplace wall protection. It makes your place unique and beautiful and unique.

Do not allow your house to incorporate a fireplace that is not attractive. Therefore, ensure you charm your fireplace using gorgeous metal.

9. Wooden corner fireplace

Many people think that having a wooden fireplace is risking their life and the life of their loved ones. However, this is never the case because this fireplace can take the risk.

Besides, a metal fireplace is installed in a wooden setting to prevent the wood from burning. Bear in mind that wooden fireplaces are suitable for corner use.

10. Create a Tuscan corner fireplace

Suppose you are in love with the Tuscany countryside, which adds a unique touch to your house by creating a Tuscan corner fireplace. You only need to ensure you have smooth stones and warm bricks when building your fireplace.

All these will offer you an excellent impression. After installing it, decorate it using cast iron lanterns and Italian-style furnishings. With this, there is no doubt that your fireplace will be appealing and attractive.

11. Concrete corner fireplace

In ancient times, concrete used to mean industrial or raw. However, during this digital time, a concrete fireplace is sophisticated and elegant because its built features unique touches. On the other hand, you can opt for a simple concrete corner fireplace with a modern and boxier design.

It might also feature clean lines without frills. You can also paint it or leave it natural.


Based on this article, you must agree that corner fireplaces are beautiful and practical. Therefore, if you have limited space, an oddly shaped room, or want to make the best out of your corner, feel free to install a corner fireplace.

Consider your room shape as well as size. And after installation, ensure you complement it with the interior décor style.

Corner fireplace ideas Corner fireplace ideas Corner fireplace ideas Corner fireplace ideas Corner fireplace ideas

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