19+ Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas For Every Season

Some of our favorite decor tips for fireplace mantels are:

  • Choose accessories in colors that will complement your overall color scheme.
  • If using a large piece of art, choose a frame that complements the colors in the room.
  • Use coordinating frames for a more budget-friendly option.
  • Select accessories that fill the space and are relative to one another- check out these brick fireplace ideas & decorations for more inspiration!
  • Consider the scale of each piece when choosing mantel decor.
  • Unify the different elements with a common theme.
  • Asymmetrical arrangements can be both cheeky and smart.
  • Check out these Christmas fireplace decor ideas if you’re decorating for the holidays!

I had just moved into my new home in New England and was looking for ways to make it feel like my own.

I knew I wanted to decorate the fireplace mantel, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I didn’t want it to be too cluttered or too bland.

I started by taking a look at some of the most popular fireplace mantel decor ideas online. I saw that a lot of people recommended using candles, clocks, wall mirrors, and artificial plants.

I also saw that some people recommended using contrasting mantel colors or mix-and-matched mantel decor.

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to use a mix-and-matched approach for my fireplace mantel decor. I used different photos in one frame and placed them on all sides of my fireplace mantel.

I also used frames of different sizes and colors. This created an eclectic feel in my room and made it feel like my own.

So, how should you decorate YOUR fireplace mantel?

The fireplace mantel is an important piece of furniture in any home, particularly in winter, as it helps warm up the room.

The fireplace mantel is one of the most versatile places in the house where you can create an elegant look by arranging a variety of things that will add to the internal décor.

You can decorate and decorate your fireplace mantel with items such as candles, candles, artificial flowers and plants, framed pictures, and artwork.

Knowing how to decorate a fireplace mantel with a personal touch can be difficult. This article will provide some of the most popular ways to decorate your fireplace mantel and make it one-of-a-kind.

From family photos, plants, artwork, and more, plenty of ideas are available for you to choose.

My Favorite Mantel Decor Ideas For All Seasons

Here are the top fireplace mantel decor ideas to consider in the year 2022:

1. Candles

The fireplace mantel is one of the areas where you can use candles. Candles are great when you want to warm up the room. For a simple touch, use long candles. You can also use votive candles and table lamps (for a different effect).

2. Clock Mantel Decor Ideas

Another way to decorate your fireplace mantel is with a clock. Nothing compares to the beauty of an antique clock.

You may also want to hang a clock on the wall above the mantel. For example, you can put candles and plants on the mantel and a large framed picture at one end of the mantel.

3. Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirrors

Add personality to your fireplace mantel with a mirror. Instead of using it as a mirror, please place it where you usually use decorations and mirrors.

You can place the mirrors on one side of the fireplace mantel and decorate it with other items such as plants, candles, and photographs.

4. Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Plants on your fireplace mantle are a wonderful decoration for a room. For example, you can use fake potted plants or artificial plants as a part of your decoration. You can also use artificial flowers if you do not have any real ones.

Carry fake or artificial flowers to your local home improvement store to add color to your mantel decor ideas.

5. Framed Pictures

Framed Pictures

Decorate your fireplace mantel with a selection of framed pictures. You can combine photos of different sizes and subjects with setting the tone for your fireplace mantel.

Remember, however, that too many photos will make the room feel cluttered and uncomfortable.

6. Wall Decorations

Wall Decorations

A good way to decorate your fireplace mantel is to hang wall decorations around it. This will give your fireplace mantel a dramatic look that works well for the rest of the room.

For example, you can hang a small chandelier and wall mirrors on the walls around your fireplace mantel.

7. Contrasting Mantel Colors

Different mantel color tones will contrast nicely with the overall decor. You can black, white, and silver your fireplace mantel.

However, more than one color tone should be used simultaneously to contrast with the room layout. For example, you can use a silver fireplace mantel in a modern furniture set.

8. Mix-and-Matched Mantel Decor

If you want to create an eclectic feel in your room, use a mix-and-matched fireplace mantel decor. This will make the room more interesting, especially if a theme, such as black and white colors, is used throughout the rest of the home.

For example, you can combine different photos in one frame and place them on all sides of your fireplace mantel or place frames of different sizes and colors on your fireplace mantel.

9. Overlapping Mantel Decorations

Since unused spaces in the fireplace mantel are often overlooked, you can use this area for your fireplace mantel decor. Overlapping decorations will help create a detailed and unique design for your fireplace mantel.

You can use mirrors and candles to create overlapping effects on the mantel. This is done by placing candles, plants, or artificial flowers around a mirror on your fireplace mantel.

10. Rustic Mantel Decor

Hearths for Gas Fireplaces

The fireplace mantel can also be decorated with rustic items- like some of these cottage ecore fireplace decor ideas.

This will give your fireplace mantle a warm and elegant look that goes well with the rest of the room. Using this technique, you can decorate your mantel with a bunch of candles or artificial flowers.

You can also use real or artificial plants to create a rustic style in your fireplace mantel.

Here’s some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing

  • Use a mirror to reflect the fire and create a more grandiose look
  • Hang stockings or other festive decorations off the mantel
  • Drape garlands or wreaths around the mantel
  • Place candles on the mantel
  • Scatter Christmas tree ornaments around the mantel
  • Hang pictures, paintings, or mirrors above the mantel
  • Use seasonal decor, such as pumpkins in the fall or snowmen in winter
  • Put vases filled with flowers or other greenery on the mantel
  • Arrange family photos on the mantel
  • Place bowls filled with fruit or other items on the mantel
  • Use a plant as a centerpiece on the mantel
  • Hang a clock above the mantel
  • Display your china or other fine dishware on the mantel
  • Put out a few of your favorite books on the mantel
  • Use a basket filled with blankets or other cozy items on the mantel

There are endless possibilities when it comes to fireplace mantel decor. Just use your imagination and come up with something that fits your style and personality. Get creative and have fun with it!

When Christmas Comes!

Every year around Christmas time, my family likes to change up our fireplace mantel decor to make it a little bit more seasonal.

We usually stick with some of the same basic ideas, but we like to mix it up a bit each year.

This year, we decided to go with a rustic theme. We had some old barn wood that we repurposed and used to create a beautiful mantelpiece.

We also hung a few stockings, put up a few Christmas decorations, and lit some candles.

It turned out really well and added a lot of charm to our fireplace.

We usually like to keep our fireplace mantel decorated all throughout the winter months, but sometimes we’ll switch things up for different seasons.

For example, in the spring we might hang some flowers or in the summer we might put out some beach towels. It just depends on what we’re in the mood for at the time.

I think it’s really fun to change up our fireplace mantel decor every so often and see how it turns out. It’s always a nice addition to our home and it makes the holidays that much more special.


Whether looking for an elegant and sophisticated look or a warm and cozy feel, the fireplace mantel is one of the best places to start.

Decorating fireplace mantels is one of those things that can easily be achieved when you have a basic idea of what to look for. The most important thing is having fun and ensuring everything looks great.

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