How To Handle An Off Center Fireplace [3+ Fixes]

  • Consider adding a second focus point to the area to balance out an off-center fireplace.
  • Use symmetry to establish order in the area.
  • Paint the fireplace and surrounding area a solid natural shade.
  • Make use of the full room as a focal point.
  • Fill in the blanks on each side of the fireplace with decoration.

Even the most experienced house designers may struggle with an off-center fireplace. The placement of furnishings in the room, along with what to do about the fireplace itself, can make homeowners confused and unsure of what to do.

Furthermore, fireplaces do not have to take central position. You may try putting it off center. Off-center fireplaces provide an extra twist to an already asymmetrical space. Nevertheless, it only works if it appears to be done on purpose.

It is possible to make an off-center fireplace function in your home. This post will convince you to accept the asymmetry rather than resist it. Have a look at these creative styling ideas to get some inspiration.


How to Handle an Off Center Fireplace

Expand the Fireplace Wall Visually

Extend the wall on the other side if somehow the fireplace occupies the extreme end of a room with minimal space on one side. In the little space, hang paintings or floor décor, and in the extension, add bookshelves, display cabinets, or a tv on an eye-level stands.

To sustain the subject of the décor without generating a visual discontinuity, keep the colors within the same range (Source)

Arrange the Furnishings around the Fireplace


Whether the fireplace is located at the side or off to one end, putting furniture around it to form a conversation space is a smart idea, with furniture moved away from the wall.

Position the TV above the mantel for better visibility and to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in which to relax. A couch and a pair of modest chairs are ideal. To make an attractive atmosphere, lay a rug in the center (but not too near towards the fireplace), a tea table, side table, and lights.

Make use of Symmetry


To establish symmetry, use the same decorations on both sides to draw attention to the fireplace. Mirrors, huge candlesticks, and vases are all terrific choices. Symmetry may produce an organized appearance, making the off-center unit appear more welcoming.

Adding similar bookshelves on both sides of the off-center fireplaces is another method to level everything out. Choose a shelf size that corresponds to the size of your space; bigger rooms require larger shelves. If you have a small space, use open shelves; if you have a large space, use bigger custom built-ins.

Establish Two Focal Points

Consider adding a second focus point to the area to balance out an off-center fireplace. Creating “zones” in the room can assist divide the area and provide more than one focus point.

Place a couch in open end around the fireplace. Install the TV in the other space and surround it with a few comfy chairs and gauls to create a lovely lounge area.

Neutralize the Color of Your Fireplace

Red, dark brown, or blue stand out and demand to be seen. Painting the off-center fireplace and surrounding area a solid natural shade like beige, off-white or light gray ivory can help it fit in with the rest of the area.

To let an off-center fireplace fit in with the rest of the space, either paint a solid color with latex paint or add a whitewash to scale down the initial brick hue.

Before beginning any painting project, wash your brick or marble to eradicate any dust, filth, grime, or soot. To protect flooring or carpeting, lay a throw cloth front of the fireplace.

Fill in the Blanks on Each Side

Make use of the full room as a focal point instead of just the fireplace opening. Add a taller mantel that spans the whole height of the fireplace, for example.

Letting the mantel to continue from end to end visually extends the area, tricking the eye into perceiving a more coherent space that seems like a regular pattern rather than split up in pieces.

Use your fireplace’s built-in log holder to your favor. To create an appealing look, fill the area with actual wood. (Source)

How I handled the imbalance

My wife and I were so excited when we finally bought our new home. It was perfect in every way, with one exception: the fireplace was off-center. We weren’t sure how to fix it, or if it was even possible, but we knew we wanted to make it work.

At first, we tried to just ignore it and hoped that it would somehow fix itself. But after a while, we realized that wasn’t going to happen. We started looking into ways to fix the issue and came across a lot of different ideas.

Some people said we should just paint the entire fireplace and surrounding area a solid color. Others said that we should add a mantel that would span the whole height of the fireplace. And still others said that we should just forget about the fireplace altogether and focus on the rest of the house.

In the end, we decided to try painting the fireplace and surrounding area a solid natural shade. We chose beige because it was neutral and would match with any other decorations we added in the future.

We also added a whitewash to scale down the initial brick hue. This made the fireplace fit in with the rest of the space better and stopped it from being such a focal point.

Now, instead of feeling like something was wrong with our house, we love our off-center fireplace! It’s become one of our favorite features in our home.

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