How To Make A DIY Fire Pit Screen Cover: 7 Steps

Spark screens for fire pits are the unsung heroes of outdoor equipment. If you have pets or children or reside in a location where wildfires are common, their usefulness is unrivaled.

When you buy a fire pit, know that a screen is needed since the fire pit can lead to a serious issue without it. Sparks generated by wood burning fire pits are hazardous, especially in wooded areas or on grass, as they may cause a fire.

You are responsible for your pits, and if accidents occur, you will be accountable. The screen is particularly one of the essential instruments for your fire pit since it prevents sparks from escaping.

Sparks from an open fire can cause forest or grass fires, and if these fires do damage, you may be held liable.

A screen should be used in an open fire pit to protect those sitting around the fire from being burned and prevent sparks from escaping and igniting blazes. They’re also useful for putting out a firepit.

You could be wondering how to make a fire pit screen now that you have the necessary materials. Follow the steps below to know how to make a fire pit screen. Also, keep in mind we have DIY guides for making a fire pit with brick or pavers.

Step by step guide to making a fire pit screen

There are a few procedures to follow when designing a fire pit screen.

These steps are comprehensive. However, if you own around a fire pit, you may learn the particular techniques of making one.

Furthermore, knowing how to construct a wide fire pit screen is beneficial since many are on the market today. Follow these simple instructions, and you’ll never make a mistake again.

Step 1: Measuring

To ensure that your fire pit screen is a perfect match for the fire pit, you must measure its perimeter. Figure out both the form and size of the pit so that your screen may be manufactured to fit it precisely.

Step 2: Get an iron ring of the same size as a fire pit

Get a stainless steel or an iron ring with the same diameter as the pit’s width. This forms the base of the pit cover, so choose carefully.

Step 3: Place the sheet to the ring

Weld two 1-inch-wide sheet metal strips to the ring. The length of each one-inch strip should be equal to or longer than the diameter of the ring.

To make an X above the middle of the ring, pieces should run perpendicular to one another. The dome should erupt upward to create a ring that is 7 inches taller than the top of the band.

Step 4: Wrap the sheet metal with a wire cloth

The sheet metal should be wrapped with the wire cloth, which is welded to the frame. The composite material consists of sheet metal and ring metal that are welded together.

Ensure you use hardware cloth with a mesh opening of 1/8 inch maximum. The more attractive the mesh and smaller gaps between the wires, the more effective the screen will prevent sparks from escaping. To make the screen more environmentally friendly, cover the steel mesh with a used window screen.

Step 5: Secure the ring’s bottom

Using fine gauge metal wire-like jewelers wire, sew the metal mesh in place. Wrap the mesh around the ring and loop it underneath the bottom of the ring before returning to the top. Use a fine gauge metal wire-like jewelers wire to secure the metal.

The stitching should extend from one mesh layer to the other along the top of the metal ring to form a metal casing for it.

Step 6: Put your screen on metal sheets

Place the fire pit screen on top of two welded sheets of metal. The eye acts as a handle to raise the screen of the fire.

Step 7: Paint the screen

When the screen is entirely built, paint it. Black fire-resistant paint should be used on the spark screen both inside and outside. The paint will chip away with time, so you’ll need to re-coat it as required to protect the metal.

They effectively keep burning embers from flying into the night sky, even if you don’t have pets or children.

Choosing the fire pit screen material

How To Start A Fire In A Fire Pit

Fire pit screens may be purchased at many hardware stores. Make sure you get the highest quality material possible to create a long-lasting fire pit screen. Screens are available in a variety of styles and materials. So, the screen should be simple to use.

Furthermore, it must be made of steel with fire-resistant paint. Then, for a great spark screen, select the greatest heat-resistant material possible. Moreover, a handle for your screen is also required. The finest designs of these handles should come from a professional. Soft handles can easily break down, causing accidents. So, do use them.

The fact that fire pit screens are custom-made and personalized to fit any fire pit is one of the best things about them. As a result, you should know how to make a fire pit screen for your safety. Make sure you have all the required materials.

Outdoor fire pits cater to a natural human need to congregate around a fire. To protect your grass, lawn, or visitors from stray sparks, use a fire pit screen. Choose something made of high-quality, noncombustible metal that won’t catch fire.

If a fire pit is not thoroughly checked, it will be a danger to your family and friends. If you use a fire pit without taking precautions, you risk your life and that of your neighbors. It is critical to take safety measures when operating a fire pit to avoid any losses.

Final Thoughts

Making a fire pit spark screen is not difficult. It’s better to learn how to make a fire pit spark screen so you can keep everyone safe while using the pits.

It’s also essential to have the appropriate resources, especially if you intend on creating a long-term fire screen.

With all of the tools, you’ll need, follow the steps above carefully to avoid creating a low-quality screen. Instead of buying overly expensive equipment on the market, learn how to make a fire pit spark screen and save money.

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