How To Put Out A Fire Pit: 3 Extinguishing Techniques

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  1. Use water (duh!)
  2. Throw some dirt and sand on it
  3. Use a fire pit snuffer cover

After a hectic day or week, nothing is as fun as relaxing outside while enjoying the fire.

However, failing to prepare ahead of time could be dangerous and rapidly transform a pleasant evening into a stressful or even deadly night.

You can safely enjoy and put out a fire in a fire pit with the help of some planning and expertise. This guide will take you through how to put out a fire pit. So, let’s dive in to see how we can achieve that.

How can one safely put out the fire pit?


This is an effective and quick method to put off the fire in the fire pit safely. However, it is not entirely a great option. If you wish to douse the flames using water, you’ll need a garden hose with a multi-pattern nozzle. Spray instead of using a direct water stream to extinguish the fire.

Make sure you use a spray that is shower-type. It is highly preferred to effectively douse the fire while the direct stream may spread sparks. While adding water, be cautious not to get too close because the cold water that hits the burning wood might create steam that could cause damage.

After the firewood, ash and embers are fully soaked with the water, use a stick or shovel to stir contents till they become drenched and cooled.

Although water enables one to cool quickly and put off the fire in a fire pit, it does not mean it’s the best method for the fire pit since most fire pits are designed with metal.

The repeated sharp swings from hot to cold can damage metal over time. This causes it to get damaged faster or even fracture. This might also hinder the warranty if a certain manufacturer manufactured your fire pit.

If you want to put out fires without using water, this is one way to do it. But, if you wish to keep the metal fire pit in good working order for a long time, there are other methods to extinguish a fire without using water that will also aid in the preservation of your fire pit’s structural integrity over time.

Dirt and sand

Dirt and sand

If you want to put it out without water, a dry sandy or earth-based approach to extinguishing a fire pit is very popular. We recommend shoveling dirt and sand onto the coals of the fireplace after it has almost burned out, leaving few embers with a shovel.

Stir the ashes, dirt, and sand together with a shovel or a stick until you’re certain the fire is completely out. This is the best option if you own a fire pit made of metal and you wish to use it year after year. It’s also a viable choice if the garden hose isn’t long enough to reach the backyard fire pit, whether it’s a permanent feature of the yard that can’t be readily relocated, or even if it’s temporary and doesn’t have any convenient.



A snuffer is another fantastic method to burn out a campfire pit without using water. A snuffer is used to seal off the oxygen flow to fire, forcing it to extinguish- you can use a firepit cover as a snuffer:

If you’re searching for the best fire pit burner, ensure that you measure your fire pit’s opening before purchasing. Some of the fire pits come with the snuffer, but if you want to buy one for your own fire pit, keep the size of the fire pit aperture in mind.

The method works best if you use an enclosed burning place like a fire bowl or the hardscaped fire pit with a solid enclosed burning place. It won’t work nearly as well on fire pits with cut-out patterns because these will enable air to enter the burning space, allowing the fire to burn.

How to safely put out a fire in a gas fire pit

It’s considerably easy to put out a fire in a gas fire pit since all you have to do is turn it off. When you own a decorative gas fire pit, such as decorative components around a burner like lava, be sure they’re cool before covering it with a protective cover or lid. Putting out a fire in a fire pit is quite easy only if you follow the correct procedure.

Is it possible to keep a fire pit burning all night?

Many people ask if it’s feasible to let a fire burn on its own in a fire pit. This would certainly be a very easy solution, but it also has its drawbacks. Even the tiniest spark can start a backyard fire under dry conditions, as evidenced by recent wildfires.

Don’t be frightened! There are several alternatives to make sure one can enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a backyard fire while yet safely and easily putting it out. All it takes is some foresight, some time, and a few supplies.

You don’t want to hurry the procedure of extinguishing a fire or leaving it for last-minute duty. Around an hour before you are scheduled to depart, it is advisable to cease adding fuel to the fire. This enables the fire to naturally burn down, thus making it quite simple to put out.

You may use a stick or a shovel to distribute out hot logs and coals. Actually, this will aid in the speed of putting out your fire. The larger chunks of wood or coals that are not touching will not retain as much heat, lowering the chance of rekindling it.

From here, you will get some great alternatives for putting out your backyard fire pit.

Bottom Line

Having a bonfire pit is a fun and stress-relieving way to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life. If you want to build one, check out how to create one on grass, build a brick fire pit, build a stone paver fire pit, and throw some chestnuts on the fire for fun!

You are certain that you will be able to safely enjoy and put out the fire at night by having the appropriate equipment.

The proper extinguishing technique to stop it will only may help safeguard you and your children, but it might also extend the life of the fire pit for a long time. This guide is your helper if you want to put out a fire pit safely.

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