How to Measure For An Electric Fireplace Insert [5 Steps]

  • It is more difficult than simply measuring the width and height of the opening. This part of the fireplace is called the face.
  • Because fireplaces often have angled walls, If you measure only the face of a fireplace, it may be smaller than you thought.
  • You will need to measure the firebox’s height, width and depth. The firebox is the opening where you would put a fire in the fireplace.
  • It is important to measure your fireplace insert accurately in order for it to fit correctly. Grab your tools and go to the fireplace.
  • Keep your notebook handy, as you will need to take down the measurements for each step.

I love my electric fireplace because it gives me some warmth and hope during the cold winter. I like that it also doubles up as a TV stand so I can watch my favorite shows.

It is so easy to use and looks nice in my living room. And if you’re conscious about the environment, the fireplace is a great choice for you since there is no need for any kind of gas or firewood.

blue electric fire

It also doesn’t create any kind of smoke or carbon monoxide emission.

If you’re looking to install an electric fireplace, you’ll need to get the measurements right- check out this video below for a full guide.

Check out our guide on removing a gas fireplace insert if you’re removing one to install an electric fireplace.

How to Measure For Electric Fireplace Insert

It’s the right time to start planning on converting your fireplace to an electric fireplace if you think that your current fireplace is costly and inefficient. It’s easy to switch to an electric fireplace if you have an electric fireplace insert.

Before you choose the best electric fireplace insert to use, it’s important to know the ideal size you will need. That’s why it is advisable to take proper measurements for a good fit.

But don’t worry about that since this article entails how to measure for electric fireplace insert.

Things You Need in Your Project

Make sure you have the right tools before starting your project. Although it is a simple project, you must have several tools and materials to make your project successful.

  • Standard measuring tape.
  • Notepad.
  • Pencil to draw the plan or mark the plan.

Measuring a Fireplace

Electric Fireplace

Measuring a fireplace is more than measuring the width and height of the fireplace opening. It is worth noting that most fireplaces are designed with angled walls. This means that you will find some parts to be smaller if you measured the face of the fireplace.

To measure the electric fireplace, you are required to record the height, width, and depth of your firebox. Keep in mind that the firebox is the typical opening in your fireplace where you start a fire. The fireplace insert should properly fit on the firebox.

Therefore, you must take accurate measurements. That being said, ensure that you have crucial tools and head over. At this point, you will be using a notebook to record the measurements.

Step 1: Measure the Height of the Fireplace

Measure the Height

At this point, you must take different measurements. Record the height of your firebox. This should be done at the opening. Measure the height at the firebox back. Finally, make sure to measure the lintel.

Usually, the lintel is found on the horizontal section just above the firebox opening. The main essence of the lintel is to give your fireplace extra support.

The lintel is not visible at times because it is embedded on the fireplace brickwork. In case you have difficulties measuring the lintel, you can go ahead and add 1/8 inches to your measurements.

This is crucial in allowing clearance. Record the opening at the lowest and highest levels if your fireplace has an arch design.

A quality measuring tape makes the whole process easy. It is good to know that the height or depth of your fireplace will remain the same for a square insert.

However, you might notice a slight difference in an arched fireplace. With that in mind, check well to avoid inaccuracy.

Step 2: Check the Width Dimensions

Width Dimensions

When measuring the width, you are supposed to take at least four measurements. However, this mainly depends on the geometry and design of your firebox. The fireplace should be measured at the front opening.

Remember to measure both the top and bottom of the opening. Record accurate measurements across the back wall of your firebox. Add measurements if you have an angled firebox.

All the above measurements will help you verify whether your firebox has a true square. A square firebox should have the same width on the top section and bottom.

Angled fireboxes on the other hand should have different numbers. Don’t forget to record all your measurements immediately.

*Refer to the video at the top of the page to see how to do this and the steps below accurately

Step 3: Measure the Depth

It is the last measurement you must take if you want to know how deep your firebox is. Take measurements from the front section of the rear wall.

You will have an easy time recording accurate measurements if you consider taking the measurements from the center of the firebox.

Using a measuring tape, take the measurements as advised above. It is advisable to take the smallest measurements to prevent any problems in the future. You can check the center at different places if you want to get accurate results.

Check the user manual of the measurement guide if you will be purchasing from an online store. This will guarantee you the best results.

Step 4: Check the Location of Outlet

black male plug in front of electric socket

Locate the outlet now that you have analyzed the product dimensions and opening area. The best thing about an electric fireplace insert is that it can be installed anywhere in your home. However, it is still important to check the location of the outlet.

Most of the fireplaces being sold in the market are designed with six-feet cord. This means that the user must have a preinstalled extension cord especially if the outlet is far. The extension cord is essential in giving a dirty look.

Hardwiring is a bit different but it does not have any impact on the outlet. Always choose the best and ideal location for your unit. From there, you can start measuring the outlet area from your desired location.

While this step is not a must, it is considered a crucial step for accurate results.

Step 5: Accuracy is Key

Accuracy is Key

To guarantee accurate measurements, it would be better if you recorded at least five measurements. The measurements can be from the rear width, rear height and opening width.

For a fireplace designed with like an arch, you can record different measurements. Use the smallest measurement every time you are looking for an insert.

In case you did not take your measurement correctly, you must force the insert in your fireplace. Alternatively, you can consider modifying the fireplace opening.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why I love my electric fireplace- I did a lot of research comparing an electric fireplace and a space heater, comparing an electric fireplace with gas inserts, and comparing electric fireplaces and infrared fireplaces.

It doesn’t require any installation or running of gas lines which is great. I can easily buy one and use it in many different rooms in my house without the need for an extra gas line.

The best thing about my electric fireplace is that it is very easy to use. I can set the temperature to whatever level I want, turn the timer on and start enjoying without any fuss at all!

Electric fireplaces give off a natural sense of heat that you just can’t find in the traditional gas or even a wood fireplace sometimes. They are less expensive, come in a variety of styles, and have controls that are easy to operate – making them perfect for any budget.

The fire is also realistic with warm light flickering across the room and adding ambiance to any space. It’s great to use in the winter when it’s cold outside!

After reading the above article, there is no need to worry about how to measure for electric fireplace insert. The straightforward tutorial will help you measure for electric fireplace insert.

All that is required on your side is to analyze the height, weight, and opening area. In addition, it is important to check the location of the outlet which mainly depends on your way of insertion. Finally, measure the fireplace from different angles.


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