How To Start A Gas Fireplace For The First Time

I love my gas fireplace because it’s really easy to maintain. I don’t have to worry about wood or getting ashes all over the place. I also love that it doesn’t make a mess, and that I can use it even when the weather is bad outside.

What if you haven’t used it or a long time or it’s just your first time operating it? We’re going to cover some practical steps to get it up and running safely.

Starting a gas fireplace can be somewhat intimidating. However, once you know the right steps to take it is quite simple. Being the first time you do it and you don’t know what to expect, this can be a little more difficult.

Tools/Materials Required

gas fire in brick fireplace

The Steps To Follow:

1. Turn off the gas supply

The first thing you should do is turn off the gas to your fireplace. Check for a knob that is labeled “gas”. Turn this knob to the left until it won’t turn anymore (counterclockwise).

The flames in your fireplace should go out. If not, wait about 10 minutes to see if they extinguish on their own. If they do not, contact a local professional for help.

2. Clean the glass

Clean the glass

Using a wet cloth and some glass cleaner (window cleaner), wipe down the doors on your fireplace. This will remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated there during storage or transportation to your house. Be sure to rinse the cloth often as you go.

3. Open the doors

Using gloves (optional), open the glass doors on your fireplace and make sure it is clean inside. If you do not want to use gloves, be very careful when opening the doors so you will not cut yourself or break them in any way.

4. Turn on the gas supply

Turn the knob to your fireplace to the right (clockwise) until you feel a click. You can now turn on the gas supply and wait for everything to heat up.

Be sure that all of your doors and windows are closed so you do not lose any cold air. Once it is warm enough inside, shut off the gas again and close the doors.

5. Enjoy!


You now have a working fireplace and you should enjoy the warmth it brings to your home.


  • Make sure all the windows and doors are closed before turning on your gas fireplace.
  • Do not touch any parts of the fireplace until everything is completely cooled down. This can be hours depending on the size/materials of your unit.
  • If you have any questions or problems, call a qualified professional to help you with your fireplace.


1. Where is the gas supply to my fireplace?

In most cases, if you have a knob labeled “gas”, this should be the control to your fireplace. Turn it to the left (counterclockwise) until it won’t turn anymore and wait about 10 minutes for everything to cool down.

If not, look around for another knob labeled “gas” or for a tank of some kind to the side of your fireplace. You can learn more about gas vs electric fireplaces if you’re trying to figure out what the best option is for your home.

2. Is it safe to use my fireplace?

If your fireplace is not working properly or it makes strange noises, do not use it. Seek the help of a qualified professional so you will be able to safely enjoy your fireplace.

Also, if there are any signs of damage to the glass doors (cracks, chips), do not operate the unit until it has been repaired by a qualified professional.

3. How do I clean the glass doors?

For regular cleaning of the gas fireplace’s glass doors, wipe them down with some glass cleaner and a wet cloth. Make sure to rinse the cloth often while you are working on the doors so you get rid of all of the dirt that was picked up. You can also use a small amount of ammonia mixed with water for an extra clean.

4. Why is there soot on my glass doors?

This usually happens because the fire was burning too hot or you have been using it empty for too long without any heat being produced. Soot is carbon that has been burned off of wood, paper, etc., but is not completely burned off. To fix this, make sure you fill the firebox (chamber) with some kind of hardwood logs. Turn the unit on and let it burn for some time until all of your glass doors are clear again.

5. What do I do if my gas fireplace doesn’t work?

Your first instinct should be to shut off the gas supply and call a qualified professional for help. If it is too late, however, do not try to fix anything yourself. You could get severely burned or cut and make the entire unit unusable until it is repaired by a professional.


I love my gas fireplace because I don’t have to worry about wood or getting ashes all over the place.

Gas fireplaces are becoming more popular in the US because they are cheaper to run than electric fireplaces. They also have a lower environmental impact because natural gas is a renewable energy source.

If you have any problems with your gas fireplace, do not hesitate to call a qualified professional. Follow these steps to turn on your fireplace for the first time and keep it running well for years to come.

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