How To Turn Your Gas Fireplace On & Off With A Wall Switch

  • To turn your gas on/off the fireplace with a wall switch, you’ll need to obviously have a wall switch installed that’s connected to the gas fireplace
  • You’ll need to place the gang-box template on the wall in the desired location
  • You’ll need to trace the template with a pencil and then cut along the traced line with a drywall saw- or get a contractor to do it
  • Then you’ll need to slide the gang box into the hole in the wall and make sure that you tighten the retaining screws
  • The last step is to run a section of two-conductor, low-voltage wire from the single-gang box to the control panel of your gas fireplace
  • Watch this video for a deeper explanation of gas fireplace switches and remotes (and this online guide for a step-by-step installation process):

In this video, you’ll learn how to turn your gas fireplace on and off with a wall switch.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to control your fireplace or simply want to add a little convenience to your life, this is a great solution.

They walk you through the steps so you can get started right away.

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You may need to turn off your fireplace during a power outage. Some units have a master on or off switch located inside the fireplace, and others require you to turn off the gas supply before they stop burning.

How to turn off a gas fireplace

1. Notify your Home

gas turn off

Before you do anything else, make sure that everyone in your home is aware of what you are doing and that there is no chance of an open flame or spark remaining in the area.

Do not begin this project if anyone uses any electrical equipment near the fireplace.

These appliances can cause a dangerous shock from any bare wires left exposed on your piping.

2. Open up your fireplace

Whether your fireplace is gas or wood-burning, the steps will vary slightly.

– If you have a gas fireplace, open the glass doors and press the “ignition or on” switch to ensure it is off. You can turn this switch back to “on,” but it should not be lit at this point.

Ensure that any pilot lights are also wholly extinguished by verifying they are no longer glowing orange. If you smell gas once the fire has been turned off, contact a professional immediately or leave your house until proper repairs can be made.

– If you are burning wood, make sure the flue is entirely open. You can tell if it’s available by sticking your hand inside the fireplace and feeling for any warmth. If your fireplace is not gas, feel free to verify that all flames have gone out at this point because there should be no heat coming from it at all.

3. Find Your Gas Supply Valve

If your fireplace requires you to turn off the gas supply after turning off the fire, you will need to find this valve first before proceeding with cutting off the gas supply.

Gas valves are usually installed on exterior walls near where your gas pipes come into the house or somewhere within line of sight of where your fireplace sits.

It will likely be a horizontal steel, brass, or copper valve labeled “gas” and should have a screwdriver slot turning handle to turn it on or off.

4. Adjust Gas Supply Valve

Adjust Gas Supply Valve

The following directions may vary slightly depending on which gas fireplace you have. For most gas fireplaces, you will need to open up your service panel by removing the screws holding it closed around the edges, and lifting its door to access the inside.

If this is not possible, you will need to locate your gas shutoff valve at the exterior of where your pipes enter the house near where the fireplace sits and turn it off there. Once done, close any doors to prevent a draft from affecting flames once cut back on again later.

You cannot simply twist the valve handle to turn it off. The valve must be turned clockwise until you feel and hear a firm click and then can be rotated counterclockwise until it’s in the off position.

5. Manually Operate Your Fireplace

gas fireplace with wall switch

For both wood and gas fireplaces using press-button start ignition switches: Press and hold the “ignition” button while flicking the switch up one notch at a time from “on” or “low” while slowly counting down from 15 like you’re participating in a science experiment.

After you’ve counted down to 8, release the ignition switch and press the “ignition” button again immediately to see if it turned on. If not, try pressing the “on” or “low” switch up one notch to 10 and repeat this process until turning it on successfully.

gas fire in brick fireplace

If your fireplace has a manual key starter: Verify that the fireplace is completely off by checking for any warmth near where its burner should be located after you have turned off its gas supply valve elsewhere in your home.

Once done, do the following:

  1. Insert a key into your fireplace’s keyhole located somewhere behind or beside its firebox.
  2. Rotate said key counterclockwise until resistance is felt to lock it into place.
  3. While continuing to hold the key into its slot, turn the key clockwise until it becomes unlocked again, and both your fireplace’s pilot light and main burner should immediately burst into flames.

Summing Up

You’ll also need to know how to start your gas fireplace for the first time and how to relight your gas fireplace.

You should now have the knowledge to turn off your gas fireplace and light it manually if needed, as well as how to adjust its burner for optimal performance.


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