Soapstone Wood Stoves: Everything You Need To Know

  • Soapstone is a natural material that will absorb the high heat of a fire and then radiates a gentle heat into your living space
  • The way it works, it doesn’t warm the air, but actually warms the objects in your home, providing a comfortable heat
  • Compared to steel and cast iron wood heaters, which burn hotter, a soapstone wood stove provides longer-lasting consistent heat.
  • You’ll have to add less wood, but you get a better overall and more efficient burn
  • A soapstone wood stove is ideal for providing longer-lasting consistent heat
  • Cast iron framework means more residual heat to be released into small spaces

Check out this efficiency depiction of soapstone vs cast iron and steel courtesy of MapleMtn Fireplace, who are one of the few purveyors of soapstone stoves:

The “Soapstone Comfort Zone” depicts the different heat distributions. It shows that steel and cast iron types might burn hotter, but soapstone provides longer-lasting and more consistent heat.

Soapstone Wood Stoves: Everything You Need To Know

Today, people all over the U.S. are looking to save money on their energy costs in their homes.

With the prices of energy and other expenses in the home continuing to rise, it is not uncommon for both home and business owners alike to check out as many heating and air systems and solutions that’s available to them today.

From installing newer innovative heating and cooling systems to renovating several rooms in a home with non-traditional fireplaces, there is a lot of great invaluable information online that can assist everyone with making the best-informed decisions.

Therefore, if you want to know more about heating appliances like soapstone wood stoves, here is everything that you need to know about its most attractive features and all of the essential benefits that this stove provides.

Best Options for Heating Small Spaces

Best Options for Heating Small Spaces

For those of you who are looking for different ways to heat up a small space in your home, you may want to consider the benefits that soapstone stoves can provide for your home.

For instance, if you do your research, one of the first things that you may find is that soapstone materials are well known in the industry for being a highly porous material.

This is because the composition of soapstone is composed of a number of fine-grained varieties. So, a soapstone wood stove is a great option for providing your home with longer-lasting consistent heat.

Additionally, you should also know that soapstone stoves are usually known for being the best alternative choice for heating small spaces, particularly in coldest climates and locations around the United States and abroad. These stoves are also very efficient for anyone who chooses to burn wood even when it is wet.

Homeowners can also look to see a relatively liberal supply of these wood stoves, especially because these materials can be found in many different countries across the globe, including Italy, Brazil, India, and the United States.

Cleaner Than Other Traditional Fuels Like Gas or Coal

Cleaner Than Other Traditional Fuels Like Gas or Coal

Today, there is a huge push for using clean energy resources, especially within the United States today. Therefore, when homeowners are looking to find the best wood stoves that meet these requirements, the soapstone stoves may be just what the homeowner is actually looking for.

This is primarily because soapstone is a naturally occurring porous volcanic rock that can be used for a variety of things including for fireplaces, fire pits, and the wood stoves that heat up the home. It is also a very efficient fuel for fireplaces because it burns up to 90% cleaner than other traditional fuels like coal.

It is also a better choice than the standard masonry stove since it uses less energy, too.

Creates Steam With Renewable Biomass and Agriculture Waste

Creates Steam With Renewable Biomass and Agriculture Waste

Another important factor that you should know about soapstone wood stoves is that they are not real wood stoves. Rather than burning wood to create energy, these stoves use a variety of natural or artificial fuel sources, often including renewable biomass such as trees or agricultural waste, to create steam.

This steam is used to power heat pumps that extract heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it into the building, which is how the heat is delivered to the building’s space and occupants.

For instance, if a home or business owner is looking for a heating solution that will trap the heat efficiently into the walls, floors, roofs and countertops, this is often a great option.

Variety of Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes and Cast Iron Framework

Variety of Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes and Cast Iron Framework

Soapstone is often ideal for homes in a number of different ways. Because these wood stoves are made of igneous rock that have been formed from the cooled, hardened lava of volcanoes, it has properties that many homeowners like and prefer. For instance, it has a very smooth and porous interior, making it an excellent fuel for fireplaces and stoves.

It is also one of the most fire-resistant materials known, making it an excellent stove or fireplace insert. It is available in a variety of finishes, and can be installed in any room that you choose today.

It is also important to note that soapstone wood stoves have been designed and made with cast-iron materials for their framework. Therefore, homeowners can take advantage of the inherent benefits of using these components to their own benefit. For instance, the cast iron frames used in these stoves can be a significant source of heat.

In addition to these stoves heating up the low temperatures in a room quickly and efficiently, these cast iron materials will also help to retain the heat much longer than most other wood-burning stoves.

In essence, the benefits of using the cast iron framework will allows the residual heat to be released into any room for extended periods of time

Fire Resistant Materials and Natural Cleaning Abilities

Soapstone is a type of stone that is extremely hard, multi-textured and porous. Because of its many natural occurring pores, soapstone holds on to heat and moisture very well which makes it an excellent fuel source for stoves and fireplaces.

Soapstone is also known for its natural cleaning ability, as it can be used to scrub almost anything. Unlike other types of stone, soapstone is relatively easy to work with and can be shaped with just a hammer and an anvil.


Choosing the best heating systems to heat your homes today is not always as simple or easy as most people may think.

Due to all of the heating systems and the features provided in the latest and most innovative heaters like the soapstone wood stove, it is very important that people do their research online and any other places first.

Typically, once you have researched what this type of wood stove can do to update your home, you can take advantage of the best options for the smaller heating spaces, non-traditional fuels, and a variety of different finishes that improves the looks of any room in the home.

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