What are Standard Fireplace Dimensions? 36 x 30?

  • Your average standard fireplace is about 36” in Width x 30” in Height.
  • However they do come in a range of sizes, ranging from 24”x24” to 48”x32” and even greater
  • The fireplace insert itself, generally range in size from about 20” to 60”
  • Check out a typical configuration below:


When it comes to fireplaces, size definitely matters. That’s why it’s important to understand the standard dimensions of a fireplace before installing one in your home.

By understanding the appropriate measurements, you can select a fireplace that is perfect for your space.

Check out this video to understand everything you need to know about fireplace size and dimensions:

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to measure the space where you plan to install one carefully. You’ll also want to consult with friends or online resources who have experience with fireplaces to get an idea of what the standard dimensions are.

Once you have an idea of what the standard dimensions are, you can select a fireplace that is perfect for your needs. Be sure to choose one that is wide enough and tall enough for your space, and make sure to measure carefully before ordering!

Measurement considerations

When it comes to the proportions of your fireplace, there are two possibilities.

The first step is to measure the interior architecture of your fireplace, which contains the smoke shelf region that stretches inside and over the fireplace, the flue that connects to your chimney, and the box itself, in which the fire burns.

The other one is the outside of the fireplace, which the house’s residents see. The shelf, mantel, face, firebox, and hearth are all included.


Standard Fireplace Dimensions

Standard Fireplace Width

We will determine the width of the firebox to calculate the fireplace’s width. In general, the width of a firebox can range from 11 to 19 inches and above. Also, the firebox must be 14 inches tall.

Fireplace Depth

The depth of a fireplace is measured from the rear of the firebox to its opening; the typical depth of a fireplace is around 16-inch deep.

Dimensions of a Standard Fireplace Opening

The height opening of a fireplace is the measurement of the hearth as from the head of the opening, whereas the width opening is the measurement from one side of the aperture to the other. The aperture of a fireplace is typically 24 to 29 inches high and 24 to 36 inches broad.


Dimensions of a Standard Fireplace Surround


Surround is an informal term for the grouping of the legs, mantle, and occasionally the hearth. The surround of your fireplace is the face that surrounds the firebox. The outside cabinet of the fireplace is the sum of these synchronized measures.

Typical fireplaces are approximately 42 inches broad, however some miniature fireplaces might be as tiny as 36 inches wide. Some larger fireplaces can be up to 48 inches broad.

A mantle ought to be at least 12 inches far above an opening in terms of height. A conventional fireplace with a width of 36 inches ought to be 29 inches in height.


How Do You Calculate the Dimensions of a Fireplace?

Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas

To correctly measure a fireplace, you’ll require a typical tape measure. To determine the depth, measure from the rear to the opening of the fireplace. Then, determine your height. Measure from the hearthstone to the apex of the opening to determine its height.

Repeat from end to end to determine the breadth of the aperture. You will also want to measure the back of the firebox, since this figure will differ from the specifications of the opening.


How I figured out dimensions on my new fireplace

When I decided to install a wood-burning fireplace in my New England home, I knew that I needed to measure carefully to ensure that the dimensions were appropriate. The last thing I wanted was a fireplace that was too large or too small for the space.

To determine the appropriate dimensions, I first measured the depth of the fireplace opening. I then measured the height of the opening and width of the aperture. I also measured the back of the firebox, since this figure would differ from the specifications of the opening.

I consulted with a few friends who had recently installed fireplaces and also did some research online. Based on my findings, I determined that a standard fireplace opening should be 24-36 inches wide and 24-29 inches high. The depth of the fireplace should be around 16 inches.

I also found that most fireplaces have an outside cabinet that is approximately 42 inches wide, although some miniature fireplaces might be as tiny as 36 inches wide. A mantle should be at least 12 inches high above an opening.

After doing all of this research, I felt confident in selecting dimensions for my new wood-burning fireplace. I am so excited to start using it this winter!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following is a collection of frequently asked questions concerning fireplace measurements.


Should the mantel of a fireplace be broader than the fireplace itself?

The answer is yes. To be visually appealing, the fireplace mantel should be at least 3 inches broader than the fireplace on each side. Most homes, however, have a mantel that extends 6 to 12 inches past every side.

To produce an asymmetrical appearance, the breadth must be at least as wide as the fireplace, but it shouldn’t be shorter.

In addition, leave at least 2 feet above the fireplace mantle for decorations.

Can a fireplace boost a home’s value?

Yes, a fireplace may increase the value of your property. Based on a 2016 Angie’s List study of American realtors, more than 68% of those polled said a fireplace increased the value of a property.

Is it reasonable for a fireplace to be too large?

Yes, as previously said, the size of the space should be a primary factor when deciding on the dimensions of a fireplace. A fireplace that occupies too much area, on the other hand, might be oppressive.

Is it possible to mount a television over a fireplace?

In general, mounting a TV over a fireplace is not a smart idea. The section around the fireplace is probably the warmest in the room, meaning the heat might easily ruin TVs and other gadgets.

How far must a fireplace be raised above the floor?

This depends on how you want to use the fireplace, although most individuals will view the fire while seated. If that is the scenario, your fireplace should be approximately eye level while seated, about 40-42 inches from the floor.

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