Do Pellet Stoves Have Thermostats? [Yes & No]

  • Most new pellet stoves have thermostats that can be controlled with a remote or the included smartphone app (like this Cleveland Iron Works pellet stove)
  • Non-electrical pellet stoves typically won’t have any form of thermostat
  • Integrated thermostatic controls use sensors to help measure room temperature and adjust heat output accordingly
  • If you have an old pellet stove, you can hook it up to a digital thermostat- here’s how
  • Many people also use smart thermostats with their pellet stoves
  • One Reddit user explained that you can use a smart thermostat to control the stove remotely, for example turning it on 20 min before you get home from work
  • In that use case, you can use a 7-day programmable milli-volt thermostat will do what you are looking for
  • What’s cool with that: you can configure a range of temperatures- wake up temperatures, weekday leave temperatures, weekday return temperatures and more, including weekend settings

Pellet stoves can be used to heat the home and they will supply a constant source of heat as long as there are pellets there. People report they like the pellet stove because they are able to keep the entire house warm.

Many wonder if they can tell the exact temperate of the pellet stove. They wonder if the pellet stove has a thermostat.

Do pellet stoves have thermostats?

Pellet Stove Tharmometter

A pellet stove will use a solid source of a pellet to provide heat to the home. The stove does need to use electricity so that it will work and produce heat. They contain many sensors that will help regulate the fire and to help keep the unit clean.

A modern pellet stove will have a thermostat that is built into the electrical system. It will contain a sensor to help regulate the amount of heat that it is producing and releasing into the home. The sensor will be able to monitor the temperature in the room.

The pellet stove will then work to make sure that it is producing enough heat to make the room that temperature. It will not exceed the temperature that it has been set to.

The person using the stove will be able to determine what they want the temperature of the room to be and they will be able to set this temperature on the pellet stove. They will not have to worry about the room getting over this temperature.

How Do Pellet Stoves Work?

Since the thermostat is built into the pellet stove it will need a source of electricity to produce heat. Many of these stoves will have an automated burning process. When this is used there will be less input that is needed.

This process is automated within the pellet stove. The stove will control how much fuel it is using and the amount of air that is able to get to the fire. This will use the proper amount of both so that the pellet stove can burn.

The fire will be hot and it will be the most efficient without going over the predetermined temperature.

Displays and Controls

Pellet Stove Thermometer

A modern pellet stove has a digital display on it. This part controls how the unit works and will be responsible for making sure that it is able to produce heat. Included with the display will be the digital thermostat control.

With this feature, the temperate of the pellet stove can be adjusted. This will allow a person to set it for the desired temperature in the room. The pellet stove will work to keep the room at this temperature.

There is also a temperature sensor found in the stove. This will help control the unit so the desired temperature is met but is not exceeded.

Heat and Non-Electric Pellet Stoves

Not all pellet stoves run off of electricity. There are some that do not need an electrical source to work. While these pellet stoves are effective at producing heat they will not have a thermostat.

A person will not be able to set the stove to the exact temperature that they want the room to be. If a person would still like a thermostat on this model they will need to purchase an external one.

They will need to make sure their unit is compatible with the thermostat and will need to have it installed. This will cost extra money.

I a person is looking to purchase an external thermostat there is some information they will need to find out. They will need to determine if an integrated thermostat is already on the model.

A person will need to verify that an external thermostat will work with the model of pellet stove that they own. They will also need to make sure they are getting the correct unit that will be compatible with their model make and number.

Does a Pellet Stove need a Thermostat?

Pellet Stove Thermostat

A pellet stove that is based on electricity does need a thermostat to work. The stove needs to know how to use the fuel and the airflow to create this temperature.

If the pellet stove does not have a thermostat that has been built in, a person may need to get an external thermostat.

If the pellet stove does not have a thermostat it will not be able to keep the room at a constant temperature and it will not the optimal rate that it should be operating at.

Without a thermostat, the pellet stove is not able to bring the room up to temperature or keep the room at this temperature.

If the stove would continue to operate the room would get to be very hot. If the stove decreases in operation the room would get cold as the temperature falls.

How the Thermostat Works

Thermostat works in Pellet Stove

A person will set the thermostat to the temperature they want the room to be. The thermostat will measure the current temperature of that room and it will determine the heat output that is needed to bring the room up to the set temperature.

The unit uses fuel and air pressure to keep the fire burning so that it reaches the set temperature.

A sensor will continue to monitor the temperature in the air and it will keep the stove working at a steady rate until the temperature is manually changed or the unit is shut off. This will help prevent the room from getting too hot or too cold while the unit is working.

It will automatically make air and fuel adjustments to keep the room at the desired temperature. Once the temperature is set a person does not have to do anything else to the pellet stove.

A pellet stove is great for heating a home. The fire will burn clean and efficiently. The pellet stove needs to have a thermostat.

This will allow the stove to heat the room to a specific temperature and maintain this temperature so that a person is warm and comfortable in their home.

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