How To Keep A Fire Pit Going: Long-Lasting Flames

How to keep your fire pit going
  1. Use dry wood
  2. Use large pieces
  3. Place it next to the windbreak
  4. Dry it before starting the fire
  5. Let the wood breathe
  6. Plan around inclement weather
  7. Add more firewood (duh!)

A backyard firepit may be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. You can enjoy the lovely evening with your friends and your roommates.

Fire pits are fantastic for grilling burgers and roasting chestnuts, as well as providing a lovely atmosphere for an evening gathering.

However, once you’ve got your firepit started, using some household items, you can easily keep your outdoor wood fire pit going with simple techniques.

When it comes to lighting a fire pit, sometimes the flame goes out. In other cases, the flame will burn for about 10 to 20 minutes.

In other situations, it may extinguish after being lit. Although relighting your fire pit is always an option, it’s only a short-term fix that doesn’t address the underlying issue.

So, if you’ve had some lighting and rekindling problems, consider the following ideas to keep the fire burning. (And here’s how to put one out, for good measure!)

Keep A Fire Pit Going

1. Use dry wood

The firewood may appear to be dry, but it is likely to be wet. All types of wood store moisture, whether oak, cherry, maple, chestnut, elm, or hickory. Usually, this isn’t an issue.

However, if the firewood is damp, it may be difficult to keep burning. As a result, only use dry firewood with less moisture content in your fireplace.

2. Use large pieces of wood

brown firewood lot

You may also extend the life of the fire pit throughout by using large pieces of firewood. Large pieces of wood are very difficult to ignite than smaller ones, but they burn longer and generate more heat once they’re going.

Place some small pieces of firewood beneath larger ones to increase the length of time that your fireplace lasts. This flame will cause the bigger pieces to catch fire, giving you and your visitors a long-lasting fire.

3. Place the fire pit next to the windbreak

The ability of the fire pit to retain the flame is determined by its location. If it’s in an open place, wind gusts may blow it out.

You can avoid this if you put the fire pit to the windbreak, like a retaining wall. In utilizing the fire pit, the rule of thumb is to position it 10 feet away from the combustible or flammable surface, including your home.

If you have a fire pit close to flammable surfaces, the stray ember from the fire pit might cause an accidental fire, which you don’t want.

4. Ensure you dry the fire pit before you use it

Wipe dry the interior of the fire pit before loading it with wood. Moisture is an enemy of firewood inside fire pits, particularly when they’re left outside in damp weather. Any firewood you put inside will quickly become wet if you don’t dry it out, making it much more challenging to light and maintain. It takes only a few minutes to clean the interior of the fire pit; however, doing so promotes a long-lasting fire.

5. Let the wood breathe

To stay lit, fire pits require oxygen. The fire will soon extinguish if you pile your wood in such a manner that it is unable to breathe.

There are many methods to ensure that firewood in a fire pit breathes, and one of them is to utilize the teepee technique.

This method involves stacking wood in the form of a teepee. Leave the bottom center of the fire pit open, allowing fresh air in and through. As the area warms up, the remaining firewood ignites. You may also build log cabin stacks out of your firewood.

The technique of stacking firewood in a line and topping it with another row along the first is known as “back-to-back brad stacking.”

6. Beware of the weather

rainy day

Take notice of the weather since Mother Nature might obstruct your capacity to form a fire that will last a long time. If it looks like rain is on the way, you might want to put off starting your fire. Because high humidity is bad for your fire, it’s challenging to build and keep one going. Wait until the conditions are right to light the fire pit when the weather is dry and clear skies prevail. Otherwise, you can find yourself struggling to keep it lit through the night.

7. Add more firewood

If you do everything right, the firewood on the fire pit may go out. This will happen if there isn’t enough wood inside it. To keep the fire pit going all night long, you must continue to add more wood to it. When the flames begin to wane, add a few more pieces on the top. If there are still hot coal or embers left, the new wood will easily ignite for your fire to continue burning. Just make sure the new wood isn’t stacked on top of the remaining coal or embers.

Whether you’re grilling burgers, roasting marshmallows, or just providing a cozy atmosphere for yourself and your visitors, follow these guidelines to ensure that the fire pit keeps burning all night.

How long will a constant flame need to burn?

How To Start A Fire In A Fire Pit

In the case of wood fire pits, a popular estimate is that every half inch of wood burns for an hour. For example, a twelve-inch piece of wood will burn for twelve hours. It’s preferable to keep adding tinder and kindling until you get a consistent, reliable flame.

The length of time a gas fire pit will last is usually determined by the amount of fuel burned rather than the setting. A 20-pound propane tank can stay warm for 8-9 hours at a moderate setting and 3-4 hours at maximum heat.

In conclusion, it is possible to make your fire pit last longer by using the proper technique and the right kind of fire pits. Make sure you consider all variables, such as the type of wood/fuel used, weather conditions, maintenance of the fire pit, and so on, to ensure that you can enjoy a long-lasting, cozy atmosphere from your fire pit.

Keeping fire pit burning is quite easy if you follow the above ways. Enjoy your backyard fire all night with these techniques!

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