How To Paint Fireplace Tile: Complete DIY Makeover

If you want to add a decorative touch to your home, then painting fireplace tile is an easy way to do it. If you’ve got a tiled fireplace, they’re often plain black, but if painted in only one color or two, they bring more decoration and dimension to the room. It can also make the fireplace the focal point in the room instead of something like an eyesore. Follow these steps below on how you can paint fireplace tile easily without professional skills:

Steps to paint fireplace tile

1) Prepare the tiles

To paint fireplace tile, you need to ensure that the tiles are in good condition and free from dust and old paints. Clean them thoroughly with a damp cloth and then wipe dry with a clean towel.

2) Apply primer

The process of installing the tile on the surface of the fireplace in the house

After cleaning the tiles, apply primer by using a roller or brush on the surface of the tiles. If there is any stain on the topmost layer of your fireplace tiles, remove it before applying primer so that your finish result will look better. When applying primer for best results, make sure that you cover all parts of the tile, such as cracks and crevices.

3) Paint color onto the primed surface

Once drying has been achieved after applying primer over painted surfaces, you can already apply the color of your choice onto the tiles. Paint one section at a time to make it easier for you to paint. Make sure that you apply colors evenly on all parts of the fireplace tile for an even result after drying. If desired, you can use more than one color since this will make painting fireplace tile less boring and monotonous.

4) Apply glaze over painted surfaces

For a glossy finish, apply glaze after applying paint color and before the surface dries completely to achieve the best results with painting fireplace tile. Glaze can be applied by using a small brush or roller and evenly covering all parts of the tiles without leaving any areas exposed. After glazing, let it dry again until you see that there is no longer a shiny finish on parts of your fireplace tiles.

5) Apply topcoat

After glazing and drying, apply the next coat, called topcoat, and let it dry completely before use or touching to avoid messing up or smudging. To avoid any uneven finishes, apply two coats of paint over fireplace tile that has already been dried before use. Again make sure that you are applying even coats for best results without any overlapping. You can use a brush to smooth out lines created by the roller when applying topcoat if desired for an even result after drying.

6) Clean brushes

For you not to perpetuate bad luck from doing this activity because cleaning your tools properly is important, clean your painting afterward by soaking them into a bucket of paint thinner mixed with water, then dry them with a clean towel.

7) Place back the fireplace tile on top of the fireplace

After thoroughly cleaning your tools, you can now place your painted fireplace tiles on top of the firebox. Ensure that it fits perfectly and securely so no air or smoke can pass through between the tiles and support or surround before using again.

8) Use oven cleaner to remove paint from tiles

If ever your fireplace tiles start peeling off paint, use oven cleaner to remove oil-based paints from them, then clean properly afterward before redecorating again. You can also use a power washer but be cautious not to damage anything underneath such as wood or bricks when applying this option for removing painted surface fireplace tile.

9) Use heat to remove paint

For tiles made of terracotta or ceramic, you can use heat to melt away the paint. This method is often used in restoring old paintings on fireplace tile, and one way for you not to repaint them if they are made of cement is to apply primer will be enough for this activity.

10) Use muriatic acid

If there is any paint residue left after removing with oven cleaner, use muriatic acid to remove any stain on the surface of your fireplace tiles. This method is mostly recommended when removing oil-based paints or previous layers of glaze on painted fireplace tile. Make sure that you wear protective gear like rubber gloves and eye protection before applying this method.

11) Use a hot oil paint remover

One of the most effective methods of removing stubborn or hardened paint on tiles is applying a hot oil paint remover that you can make by having some solvent and oil mixed with it. Apply sparingly on the surface of fireplace tile to avoid any heavy-duty cleaning activity that might cause damage to painted surfaces or discoloration on your tiles.

12) Use a heat gun after using chemical solvents

After chemically removing old layers of paint from your fireplace tile, use a heat gun before polishing to achieve the best result for painting fireplace tile. It is often necessary if there are still residues left on fireplace tile that cannot be removed by chemicals alone; thus, combining both methods will give you the best results.

Some Gorgeous Fireplace Tiling Ideas

Necessary Precautions

  • Make sure that the surface of your tiles is clean and free from dirt, dust, or other contaminations by lightly sanding it if necessary before starting this activity to achieve an even, smooth finish without any bumps.
  • Do not paint over wet surfaces because applying coat immediately after drying will cause uneven or blotchy finishes. You can avoid this by allowing each layer of paint to dry thoroughly before applying the next one.
  • If ever the color starts peeling off, avoid using strong solvents since these might dissolve or damage pockets of glaze on painted fireplace tile.
  • Avoid scraping paint off because it may cause damage on topcoat layers, especially if they are made of a cement-based material.
  • Use hot water to remove paint before using chemicals, then clean it thoroughly to eliminate any chemical residue that may affect your next step in painting fireplace tile. Always read instructions or manufacturer’s guidelines for best results.
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